The Feather

The Feather

Infobox Television episode | Title = The Feather
Series = Touched by an Angel
Season = 2
Episode = 11
Airdate = December 16, 1995 (CBS)
Production = 211
Writer = Valerie Woods, Keb LaZebnik, and Robin Sheets
Director = Gene Reynolds
Prev = Unidentified Female
Next = The One That Got Away

"The Feather" is the eleventh episode of the second season of the CBS drama series of "Touched by an Angel." This episode is Randy Travis' second appearance on the show, and the continuation of the episode "Fear Not!." In this episode, Monica's appearance as an angel in the church that Christmas Eve shocked everyone: the press wants to know about it, more people are coming to church, some people are scared, or people (like Wayne) just pretends it never happened.


The sequel to the first season's Christmas episode "Fear Not!", "The Feather" continues the story of a little church's now that they've seen Monica reveal herself in all her glory. Awed, trying to figure out what it all means, the congregation is susceptible to Charles (William R. Moses), a con artist posing as a preacher. He steals a feather from the dove Monica released from Joey (Paul Wittenburg) and holds it up to the congregation as physical proof of the miracle. He's diverting piles of donation offerings into his own pockets when he's confronted by Wayne (Randy Travis)--who turns out to be his brother. Years ago, Charles and Wayne ran the preacher scam together; Wayne is now a reformed man and he's determined to stop Charles.

The issue is brought to a head when Joey, who's been ministering to a crack baby that was left in the church, brings the infant to Charles for a healing. Charles can't do it, of course, but Monica reveals herself again and reminds the congregation that they worshipped a feather and an angel instead of a King and their need for fame deafened them to the cries of a little baby. Charles is humbled and the congregation is once again put on the right track.


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