List of St. Mark's School alumni

List of St. Mark's School alumni

The following is a list of famous and notable former students of St. Mark's School of Southborough, Massachusetts.



*Charles Francis Adams IV, businessman and philanthropist associated with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
*Samuel A. Adams, '51, crusading CIA official who exposed bad Vietnam intelligence of Defense Department
*Mark S. Albion, Harvard Business School Professor, American Entrepreneur
*Matthew Tobin Anderson '86, writer, winner of National Book Award
*A. Watson Armour III, American businessman and philanthropist
*Philip D. Armour III, American businessman
*Lester Armour, American businessman
*Robert Douglas Armstrong, founder of the Bank of St. Croix


*Charles L. Bartlett (journalist), winner of the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 1956
*Mike Birbiglia '96, comedian
*Walter Van Rensselaer Berry, lawyer, friend and mentor of Edith Wharton

*Ben Bradlee, former editor, "The Washington Post"
*Nicholas F. Brady, U.S. secretary of the treasury 1988-93; senator from New Jersey in 1982
*Nicholas Braun, actor,
*Doug Brown, former National Hockey League player
*Greg Brown, former National Hockey League player
*Edward Burnett, U.S. representative from Massachusetts


*Wayne Chatfield-Taylor, president of the Export-Import Bank, undersecretary of commerce
*Blair Clark, journalist, former general manager, CBS News
*Ernest Amory Codman pioneering surgeon who made contributions to a variety of specialties and the study of medical outcomes
*William G. Congdon, representationalist painter who used Abstract Expressionism techniques
*Thomas Jefferson Coolidge, philanthropist, CIA official, and former trustee of Moniticello
*Harry Crosby, poet


*J. Richardson Dilworth, former Yale trustee and benefactor of Yale University
*Peter Hoyt Dominick, U.S. congressman, then senator for Colorado; US Ambassador to Switzerland


*Kenward Elmslie, lyricist, librettist, and playwright


*Hamilton Fish III, U.S. congressman from New York, 1920-1945. Elected to College Football Hall of Fame
*Hamilton Fish V, American publisher, politician and philanthropist
*Christopher Forbes, American publisher, vice-chairman, Forbes Inc.
*Robert Forbes, publisher, Forbes Life
*Tim Forbes, American publisher
*Peter Hood Ballantine Frelinghuysen, Jr., U.S. representative from New Jersey from 1953 to 1975
*Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, U.S. representative from New Jersey


*Stephen Galatti, visionary director general of the American Field Service and educational pioneer
*David Gardner, founder of the Motley Fool
*C. Boyden Gray, White House counsel to President George H. W. Bush then U.S. envoy to the European Union
*J. Clark Crew, retired Episcopal Bishop of Ohio


*Mason Hammond, Harvard University classicist and Harvard historian
*Truxton Hare, Olympic athlete; elected to College Football Hall of Fame
*Harry G. Haskell, Jr., U.S. representative from Delaware and former president of Abercrombie and Fitch
*Prince Hashim of Jordan
*Ingolv Helland, portrait artist


*John Jay Iselin, former president, The Cooper Union in New York City



*Thomas Kean, former New Jersey governor; former chairman of the 9/11 Commission; former president of Drew University
*Robert Winthrop Kean, U.S. representative from New Jersey from 1938-1959
*John Marshall Kernochan, IPR pioneer and founder of Columbia Law School's Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts
*Suzanne P. King, US Olympic cross country skier, 1994 and 1998 Olympic games


*Storm Large, musician
*Frederick Lippitt, Rhode Island philanthropist and major benefactor of Brown University
*Henry Demarest Lloyd, 19th century muck-raking reporter; "the father of investigative journalism"
* Christian Lorentzen, editor & critic
*Robert Lowell, poet


*Samuel Mather, Ohio industrialist, philanthropist, and benefactor of Kenyon College
*Story Musgrave, astronaut


*Dmitri Nabokov, son and translator of Valdimir Nabokov
*Jordan Nardino, writer for the WB television series "Gilmore Girls"
*Eugene Nickerson, federal judge and Nassau County, New York politician



*Robert William Packwood, Senator from Oregon 1969-1999
*Frank Parker, painter and confidante of poet Robert Lowell
*G. Willing "Wing" Pepper, Philadelphia businessman and philanthropist
*Lars Perkins, creator of Picasa photo software
*Sheffield Phelps, Seattle philanthropist and arts patron
*Joseph Pulitzer III, American publisher
*Joseph Pulitzer IV, American publisher
*Ralph Pulitzer, American publisher
*George Putnam III '69, 1990 USA Today's investor of the year; trustee for The Putnam Companies



*Walter Robb, IV '71, President of Whole Foods Market
*Franklin Delano Roosevelt III, economist
*George Emlen Roosevelt, financier and philanthropist
*Philip Roosevelt, banker
*William Donner Roosevelt, investment banker and philanthropist
*Emily Rutherford, television actress

*Peter Saccio, Shakespeare scholar and author, educator
*Stephen "Laddie" Sanford, international poloist
*John Sargent, former president and CEO of Doubleday and Company publisher
*Eugene Lytton Scott, American tennis player; founder of the magazine Tennis Week
*John Sculley, former president of PepsiCo and former CEO of Apple Computer
*Alexandra Silverthorne, black & white photographer
*John Simpkins, Representative from Massachusetts, 1895 - 1898


*Robert H. Thayer, New York lawyer, diplomat, and intelligence officer
*Sigourney Thayer, American theatrical producer, World War I aviator and poet
*Herbert Sears Tuckerman, former Massachusetts state representative and senator
*Harrison Tweed, New York lawyer and bar association officer



*Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, railroad executive, champion yachtsman and champion bridge player
*William Kissam Vanderbilt II, railroad executive, industrialist, yachtsman, Fisher Island founder


*James Wolcott Wadsworth Jr, New York senator from 1915-1927
*O.Z. Whitehead, well-known character actor
*Karl Wiedergott, actor, best known for doing voices in the American television show "The Simpsons"
*Sean Wilsey, (did not graduate) memoirist
* Robert Winthrop, conservationist pioneer & former president of Ducks Unlimited
*Chalmers B. Wood, senior Foreign Service Officer and adviser to South Vietnamese government



*Scott Young, National Hockey League player, St. Louis Blues


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