Whitemail, coined as an opposite to blackmail, has several meanings explained below.


In economics, Whitemail is an anti-takeover arrangement in which the target company will sell significantly discounted stock to a friendly third party. In return, the target company helps thwart takeover attempts, by
# raising the acquisition price of the raider,
# diluting the hostile bidder’s number of shares, and
# increasing the aggregate stock holdings of the company.

Social culture

Whitemail can also be considered as legally compensating someone for doing their job in a manner benefiting the payor. For example, if a person gives a maître de a $20 bill in order to secure a table more quickly than other patrons who had arrived earlier, this could be considered whitemail. It is merely a compensatory incentive for someone to do their job quicker, better, or in a manner more advantageous to the payor.


In Terry Pratchett's Discworld universe, whitemail is an anti-crime. Whitemail is the threat of revealing a person's good deeds for purposes of ruining the person's reputation (e.g. as a gangster).


On the internet, Whitemail was an anonymous mailer hosted on [http://www.biomatic.org/ biomatic.org] . It would allow any visitor to send e-mail messages to any address at no cost and with no registration required, simply using the site's interface. Whitemail even allowed its users to provide any e-mail address (their own, somebody else's or one that does not exist) that would then appear to the recipient as the message's origin.The Whitemail service was removed from the site at version 3 in 2004.



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