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Lambda Upsilon Lambda

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letters = ΛΥΛ
name = Lambda Upsilon Lambda
motto = "La Unidad Para Siempre"
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founded = February 19, 1982
type = Social
scope = National
address = 511 Sixth Avenue, PMB #39
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city = New York
state = New York
country = USA
chapters = 66 undergrad, 13 alumni| colors = Brown and Gold
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birthplace = Cornell University
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La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity was established on February 19 1982 in order to address the shortcomings of academic institutions in meeting and addressing the needs of Latino students in higher education. Founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity primarily seeks to take a leadership role in meeting the needs of the Latino community through cultural awareness, community service, and promotion of the Latino culture and people.

From its inception, La Unidad Latina has maintained a firm commitment to the empowerment and betterment of all Latinos. To accomplish this goal, La Fraternidad addresses various key areas of concern to the Latino community, beginning with a concentration on academic achievement, community service, and cultural awareness.

Within the academic realm, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity continually strives to increase the representation of Latino faculty and students in higher education. Realizing that recruitment is only half of the solution, La Fraternidad places strong emphasis on academic programs that aid in the retention, guidance and improvement of Latino students in institutions of higher learning.

La Unidad Latina is committed to developing its members and peers into mature, intelligent, socially active, and culturally conscious individuals, who, via mutual support, can excel academically and professionally. La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated is looking for individuals with vision, determination, pride, and a commitment to accomplish the goals it has set for itself.


Mission Statement

Since its inception in 1982, La Unidad Latina has remained on the vanguard of political and community empowerment by developing influential leaders that strive to exert knowledge and power into its peers in order to attain mutual success. We commit ourselves to academic excellence, leadership development and cultural enlightenment, enhanced by a diverse cognizant membership. La Hermandad (brotherhood) strives to preserve and promote an inclusive intellectual environment for its members, in addition to the general community.

Campus Activism

Cornell University 1993

In the fall of 1993 the Hispanic America Study Program, in conjunction with the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, brought eight Hispanic artists to Cornell for site-specific exhibitions entitled Revelaciones/Revelations: Hispanfic Art of Evanescence [Online listing of primary material [ Online Library] ] . The works explored aesthetic, political and cultural issues. Jose Pierda, director of the Hispanic American Studies Program in 1993 and one of the two curators of the exhibition, stated that “one of the pieces erects barriers along the pathways of the Art Quadrangle, which disturbs the sense of permanent and the path and things can be taken for granted.”

This artwork that Piedra refers to entitled The Castle is Burning, by Daniel J. Martinez, is what helped ignite the second takeovers of Day Hall, Cornell’s administrative building. The first take over of Day Hall in 1991 lasted less than a day, but on November 19th, 1993 U.S. Latino students and supporters once again took over Day Hall, but this time for three consecutive days. The Takeover began with a protest against the acts of vandalism of Daniel J. Martinez’ artwork on the Arts Quad.

Many of leaders for the takeover were Hermanos. Hermano Eduardo Penalver was a core leader of the takeover. Eduardo would become a Rhodes Scholar going on to Oxford, Yale Law School and was a clerk for a US Supreme Court Justice. He is now a Cornell Law Professor. There were about ten Hermanos that were actually inside the building taking part or leading the sit-in. However, there were about another ten Hermanos outside the building coordinating efforts of support. Hermanos were using a ladder to climb near windows to give people food, books and information – cells phones not existent. Hermanos outside the building were also coordinating with Hermanos from other peer institutions for letters of support. Those inside were briefly expelled from Cornell, but Hermano and Professor Hector Velez as well as other Professors threatened to leave the University if the students were not reinstated.)

On Friday there was a Rally in which Hermano James De La Vega, an artist himself, spoke to the students against the defacement of the artwork by Daniel J Martinez.

The protests turned contentious as students needed to form a human barricade around the artwork to prevent furthuer vandalism. Students eventually were frustrated and sought an open meeting with then President of the University Frank Rhodes, to discuss the problems facing the Latino community at Cornell. Students left the rally and headed to the main administrative building to talk to the University President.

The Rally turned into a march towards Day Hall, the administrative building. The march was led, in part, by Hermanos Mike Moreno and Eduardo Penalver. Approximately 200 students remained in Day Hall demanding a meeting to discuss a list of demands that they composed addressing issues of the Latino community. The University police eventually closed off the building not allowing anyone in. The work week was over on Friday and the University President was out of town so it appeared that the sit-in was going to last all weekend. The number of students reduced to about 70 as [the sit-in was becoming a take-over. While in the building students did various things such as study, hold workshops, and create art that would hang throughout the building walls and outside the building.

While in the building James De La Vega painted an art piece that included a quote from Che Guevara – “Allow me to say…that a true revolutionary…is guide by great feelings of love.” While hanging the artwork outside the building, Hermanos James, Eduardo, Mike and Jimmy were photographed--the photo also appeared in the USA Today.

While in the building the student leaders of the sit-in discussed a list of demands that they sought from the University. There were nine demands in total. The first two were asking for President Rhodes to condemn the destruction of the artwork and “acknowledge the problems of Latino students on Campus.” The next few demands asked for an increase funding of activities, programs, library resources and funds that would assist in the recruitment of professors. The final demand was for the creation of a Latino Living Center, a “resident college that would focus on interest in Latino culture.” The Latino Living Center opened its doors in the Fall of 1994 and two new Latino Professors arrived on campus.


Undergraduate Chapters

*Alpha Chapter - Cornell University
*Beta Chapter - State University of New York at Binghamton, State University of New York at Cortland
*Delta Chapter - University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University & Temple University
*Epsilon Chapter - Buffalo State College, SUNY Buffalo, Canisius College, Daemen College, D'Youville College
*Zeta Chapter - Brown University, Johnson & Wales University, Providence College, Rhode Island College
*Eta Chapter - State University of New York at Albany
*Theta Chapter - Syracuse University
*Iota Chapter - Rutgers University – New Brunswick
*Kappa Chapter - Yale University
*Lambda Chapter - Long Island University at C.W. Post
*Mu Chapter - University of Rhode Island
*Nu Chapter - Harvard University, Tufts University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College, and Northeastern University
*Xi Chapter - Princeton University & Rider University
*Omicron Chapter - Baruch College
*Pi Chapter - State University of New York at New Paltz
*Rho Chapter - Duke University
*Sigma Chapter - Wesleyan University
*Tau Chapter - Rutgers University - Newark
*Upsilon Chapter - State University of New York at Stony Brook
* [ Phi Chapter - ] - University of Maryland, College Park & Johns Hopkins University
*Chi Chapter - Georgetown University, George Washington University, & American University
*Psi Chapter - Dartmouth College
*Omega Chapter - Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester, Nazareth College, & St. John Fisher College
*Alpha Alpha Chapter - Stevens Institute of Technology
*Alpha Beta Chapter - University of Massachusetts - Amherst
*Alpha Gamma Chapter - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
*Alpha Delta Chapter - George Mason University
*Alpha Epsilon Chapter - University of Virginia & Virginia Commonwealth University
*Alpha Zeta Chapter - University of Chicago, DePaul University, Columbia College & Loyola University
*Alpha Eta Chapter - Columbia University & Fordham University
*Alpha Theta Chapter - Our Lady of the Lake University
*Alpha Iota Chapter - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
*Alpha Kappa Colony - Montclair State University
*Alpha Lambda Chapter - St. John's University
*Alpha Mu Colony - State University of New York at Oswego
*Alpha Nu Chapter - Seton Hall University
*Alpha Xi Chapter - Indiana University - Bloomington
*Alpha Omicron Colony - James Madison University
*Alpha Pi Colony - Ramapo College of New Jersey
*Alpha Rho Chapter - Florida International University
*Alpha Sigma Colony - Georgia Institute of Technology
*Alpha Tau Colony - Hamilton College
*Alpha Upsilon Colony - Hofstra University
*Alpha Phi Chapter - University of Southern California
*Alpha Chi Chapter - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
*William Paterson University Colony
*Old Dominion University Colony

Graduate Chapters

*Gamma Alpha Chapter - New York, NY
*Gamma Beta Chapter - Philadelphia, PA
*Gamma Gamma Chapter - Buffalo, NY
*Gamma Delta Chapter - Providence, RI
*Gamma Epsilon Chapter - Washington, DC Metro Area
*Gamma Zeta Chapter - Chicago, IL
*Gamma Eta Chapter - New Jersey
*Gamma Theta Chapter - Austin, TX
*Gamma Iota Chapter - Los Angeles, CA
*Gamma Kappa Chapter - Miami, FL
*Gamma Lambda Chapter - Long Island, NY
*Gamma Mu Chapter - Atlanta, GA
*Gamma Nu Chapter - Orlando, FL

Fraternal Traditions

Noche Dorada

Noche Dorada, which translated into English means “The Golden Night” is a fraternal tradition usually held to commemorate the anniversary of the chapter’s founding. The tradition began in October 1993 at SUNY Binghamton. Noche Dorada is a semi-formal event used to celebrate Latino culture, the resilience of Latinos in the face of adversity, and the role of La Unidad Latina within both. However, the first semi-formal event held by a chapter can be traced back to Theta Chapter at Syracuse University, in which they held semi-formal, "Latino Extraganza"


La Unidad Latina's Annual Celebration began in 1989, as the National Council developed this dual purpose event to celebrate the achievements of the Fraternity and Latino Community as well as a vehicle to drive the future of the Fraternity through a National Convention that would bring together Hermanos from all of the Chapters nation-wide annually.

Previous Gala Locations

*1989 – New York (Cornell University)
*1990 – New York (Buffalo State College)
*1991 – New York (Binghamton University)
*1992 – Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania)
*1993 – Rhode Island (Brown University)
*1994 – New York (Syracuse University)
*1995 – New York (University of Albany)
*1996 – New Jersey (Rutgers University)
*1997 – Connecticut (Yale University)
*1998 – New York (Long Island University, CW Post)
*1999 – New York (Grand Prospect Hall)
* [ 2000 – New York City (Grand Prospect Hall)]
* [ 2001 – New York City (Grand Prospect Hall)]
*2002 – New York (Terrace on the Park)
*2003 – New York (Grand Prospect Hall)
*2004 – New York (Altman Building)
* [ 2005 - New York City (Grand Prospect Hall)]
* [ 2006 - New York City (Madison Square Garden)]
* [ 2007 - New York City (The Waldorf Astoria Hotel)]


*2004 – Latino Step National Champions [Web site declaring winners [ Latinos Step Website] ]
*2005 – LatinoStep National Champions [Web site declaring winners [ Latinos Step Website] ]

Notable Hermanos

*Juan Pichardo – Rhode Island State Senator, District 2
*Andres Irlando – Candidate for California Lieutenant Governor
*Fernando Ferrer – Former Bronx borough president and New York City community activist
*Piri Thomas – New York Times Best-selling author of "Down These Mean Streets"
*Hector Rivera and Raymond Ramirez – Cofounders of the Political Activist Slam Poetry Team, The Welfare Poets
*James De La Vega – Street artist and Community Activist from Spanish Harlem [More of his work [] ]
*Ernesto Cuevas – Mural painter and community activist; Painted famous mural found at the Latin American Cultural House at Dartmouth College
*John Hernandez - Associate Vice President and Dean of Students at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Some Honorary Hermanos

*Dr. Jaime Martinez-Tolentino - Dr. Martinez-Tolentino holds a BA & MA in French from New York University, a Ph.D from the University of Madrid, a Ph. D from the University of Massachusetts, and a Ph. D from Purdue University in Spanish Literature and History. An expert on Latin American Literature, he is the author of fourteen books, ten of which are devoted to literary criticism or research in linguistics. He is also a creative writer with two books of published short stories and a play. He teaches courses on Latin American literature and culture and is fluent in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and German.
*Luis Miranda - Former head of the Hispanic Federation also served as Special Advisor and the Director of the Mayor's Office for Hispanic Affairs during the Koch administration. During his distinguished career, Mr. Miranda has served as a consultant to the Ford Foundation, Teachers College at Columbia University and Boricua College, among other institutions.
*Roberto Ramirez - Bronx Democratic County Chairman and New York State Assemblyman 78th A.D.; Assemblyman Ramirez has represented the Fordham/Tremont section of the northwest Bronx since 1990. Assemblyman Ramirez has distinguished himself as a legislative leader in the areas of health care, taxation, economic development, education and welfare reform. He is also Chairman of the NY State Assembly Social Services Committee and Chairman of the New York State Puerto Rican Hispanic Task force.
*Juan Figueroa - Chairman of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund; Juan A. Figueroa has been a long-time champion of the Latino community tackling such issues as affirmative action and language rights. Mr. Figueroa served on the Connecticut General Assembly and was the first Puerto Rican State Representative from the Third District in Hartford.
*Guillermo Linares - New York City Council Member, 10th District; Mr. Linares was first elected to the New York City Council in a special election in 1991, and was subsequently reelected, in 1993 to a full 4-year term. In January 1995, Linares was appointed to the White House Commission for educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.
*Kaleil D. Isaza Tuzman, former CEO and Co-founder of govWorks, Inc. KaleiI D. Isaza Tuzman was the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of govWorks, a start-up that is the focus of the documentary film

Requirements for Admission

La Unidad Latina welcomes members either through an undergraduate intake process or a graduate intake process. La Unidad Latina stresses involvement in the Latino community from all of its members.

Undergraduate Intake Process

The organization underscores three requirements of becoming a member as an undergraduate are

*Freshman 2.7 Minimum GPA requirement/Upperclassmen 2.5 Minimum GPA requirement
*A desire to help and give back to the Latino community
*Successful completion of the undergraduate intake process

Graduate Intake Process

*Bachelors Degree from an accredited four-year college or university
*Successful completion of the graduate intake process

Honorary Membership

Men nominated for honorary membership are usually older men whose contributions to the Latino community over their personal and professional lives exemplify the goals and ideals of La Unidad Latina. Honorary Hermanos are admitted into the organization once a year at LUL’s Annual Gala celebration.

Fraternity of the year 2006

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Fraternity Inc. was awarded Fraternity of the year for 2006 by the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO)

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