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St. John's University (New York)

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motto = Educatio Christiana Animae Perfectio ("Christian Education Perfects the Soul")
established = 1870
endowment= $366.7 million [cite news | last = | first = | coauthors = | title =College and University Endowments Over $250-Million, 2007 | work =Chronicle of Higher Education | pages =28 | language = | publisher = | date =2008-08-29 | url = | accessdate = ]
type = Private school
head_label = President
head = Rev. Donald J. Harrington
city = Queens
state = New York
country = USA
undergrad = 15,092
postgrad = 5,254
postgrad_label = graduate
faculty = 1,456
campus = Urban, 105-acre (425,000 m²) Queens campus
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nickname = Red Storm
free = 17 BIG EAST, Division I, NCAA teams
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St. John's University is a private Roman Catholic university that was originally founded by the Vincentian Fathers in Brooklyn. The primary campus is now located in Jamaica, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. It is known for its programs in the liberal arts, business, pharmacy, and law. St. John's has over 140,000 alumni, many of whom reside in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area. [] As of 2006, the university had a total undergraduate and graduate enrollment of 20,346 students, making St. John's University one of the largest Catholic universities in the United States. Until 2003, St. John's was a commuter school, but since that time the university constructed several dormitories allowing the student population to include a higher number of students from outside the New York Area. It now has an enrollment of over 20,000 students in six schools and colleges spread across three campuses in New York, a graduate center in Rome [] , and a graduate center on Long Island. [] .


St. John's University was founded in 1870, by the Vincentian Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church in response to an invitation by the first Bishop of Brooklyn, John Loughlin, to provide the youth of the city with an intellectual and moral education. St. John’s is highly influenced by its status as a Vincentian university. [] Vincentian values stem from the ideals and works of St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660), who is the Patron Saint of Christian Charity. Following the Vincentian tradition, the university sought to provide an education that encouraged greater involvement in social justice, charity, and service. [] Originally located in Brooklyn, St. John's moved to its current 100 acre location in Jamaica, Queens during the 1960s. After the transition, the St. John's University strike of 1966-1967 took place, which effected faculty to administration relations at universities across the nation. The university has often received national recognition as a result of its achievements in NCAA sports.


Associates, Baccalaureate, master, law, post-baccalaureate certificates, post JD certificates and doctoral degrees are conferred by the university, and over 100 programs are offered through each of the following colleges and schools:
*St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
*School of Education
*Peter J. Tobin College of Business
*College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
*College of Professional Studies
*St. John's Distance Learning
*St. John's University School of Law

Qualified prospective students also have the option of enrolling in St. John's Honors College, which provides specialized research classes and study facilities.


"366 Best Colleges" published by The Princeton Review
*Ranked 7th for "Most Competitive Law School Students" (2008) []
*Ranked 15th nationwide for "Diverse Student Population" (2008) []
*Ranked 10th & 19th nationwide for "Professors Make Themselves Scarce" (2007 & 2008) [] []
*Ranked among "Best Northeastern Colleges" (2008) []
*Ranked 7th nationwide for "Least Happy Students" (Quality of Life, 2007) [] [] []

Intel Corporation
*Top 10 "Most Unwired College Campuses" (2005 & 2006, Best Wireless Network) [] []
US News & World Report
*Top 100 Law Schools in the United States (2008) []
*Top 100 Graduate Schools in Education (April 2006)

Kaplan Guide
*St. John's Career Center ranks among the best 35 career centers in the country. (2006) []

The Washington Monthly
*Ranked in top 120 colleges in the United States. (2006) - []

Time Magazine
*"Academically, it has never ranked high among Catholic schools; in troubles, it outdoes them all." (1965) [,9171,842336,00.html]


The annual tuition rate at St. John's University, exclusive of housing, is currently $26,200 per academic year for undergraduates, $30,200 for pharmacy majors (Pharm.D), and $38,400 for law school students. [cite web |url= |title=Tuition |publisher=St. John's University |accessdate=2008-01-03 ] In 1994, St. John's University tuition was $9,400 without housing, representing only a third of the current rate and a 300% increase over 14 years.However, over the same period of time national private school tuition rates increased at a similar but lesser percentage rate, rising from $9,812 to $22,218 from 1992-2006. New York City private instuitions have historically had high tuition rates, New York University had a tuition rate of $22,000 in 1997 [] and by 2008 had a tuition of $35,000. [] . This represents a 50% increase in a 10 year time period.

Financial Aid

In order to reduce costs for low and moderate income students, the university offers many need-based aid programs. In 2007, 95% of students at St. John's received in excess of $338 million in financial assistance through scholarships, loans, grants and work-study programs, including over $138 million coming directly from university funded grants. [] [] Around 95% of freshman students received grants directly from the university in 2007. The average undergraduate loan debt for 2006 graduates was $21,633, an amount lower than the national average for graduates of private institutions. [] [] []

Student Life

Students at St. John's are also encouraged to participate in service activities through St. John's Bread & Life, Campus Ministries, or several other service organizations in New York as part of their collective education. Fact|date=March 2008 The university also provides funding to the Student Government Association to be disseminated among several academic, professional, and recreational student organizations, and hosts many notable guest speakers throughout the academic year. Fact|date=March 2008

St John's University recorded a record 37,000 applications for 3,200 freshman spots in the year 2008 [] . It must also be noted that it is free to apply to St. John's online. []

Public Safety Issues

*St. John's University has had a few major incidents with individuals committing crimes while on campus. In 2007, the university reported 30 burglary offenses, 30 drug offenses, and almost 300 liquor violations. [] . According to Frank Padavan, State Senator of New York, at St. John's over the last three years, “there have been 735 liquor-law violations, 106 drug-law violations, 84 burglaries, four forcible sex offenses and one arson” on the campus. []

*Public health violations have also affected the university in recent years. The St. John's cafeteria, operated by Sodexho, failed food inspections given by the New York City Department of Health and Hygiene on a several occasions in 2006 & 2007. [] . Out of a total possible score of 175 with 28 points needed to pass, one cafeteria failed, while not one scored over 36 points [] . In 2008, St. John's announced that it would not renew its contract with the current operator of its food services, and signed a new agreement with Chartwells Dining Services. []

*In 2007, St. John's Vice President of Public Safety was a guest speaker before the United Nations Building Task Force, and was invited to provide ideas and suggestions to the panel based on current security and safety measures currently in place at St. John's. []

*St. John's annually hosts consortiums on public safety for campus security departments across the nation, including a consortium in 2008 in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security. [] []

*In 2007, St. John's was awarded and recognized for the effectiveness of its campus emergency notification system, which has become a model for universities across the nation. []

*The Department of Education publishes safety statistics and comparisons, which features more inforation on the safety of college campuses, including St. John's. []


As of 2008, St John's had a total population of 20,069 students, including both undergraduate and graduate students. The undergraduate enrollment of 14,983 included students from 91 countries and 42 states. The 5,086 graduate school students represented individuals from 64 countries and 35 states. [] St. John's is considered one of the most diverse universities in the United States [] . Overall, over 105 nations are represented on the St. John's campus, and there is no ethnic majority at the university.

2007 Ethnic Demographics:
*Black, Non-Hispanic, 12.6%
*American Indian, 0.2%
*Asian, Pacific Islander, 13.9%
*Hispanic, 12.3%
*White, Non-Hispanic, 45.0%
*Unknown, 11.2%
*Non-Resident, 4.8% []

Percentage of Students Who Graduate in 4-6 years:
*39% of Students Graduate in 4 years []
*51% of Students Graduate in 5 years []
*59% of Students Graduate in 6 years [] "Note: Graduation rates include 6 year programs."

St. John's has over 1456 faculty members, over 90% of whom hold doctoral or equivalent degrees in their field. St. John's boasts an 17:1 faculty to student ratio. [] There are over 150,000 St John's alumni, many of whom reside in the greater metropolitan area. Standard and Poor's consistently ranks St. John's graduates among the top universities in the nation with alumni who hold executive positions at Fortune 500 companies. [] Fact|date=March 2008

Faculty Strike of 1966-67

The St. John's University strike of 1966-1967 was a protest by faculty at St. John's University in New York City which began on January 4, 1966, and ended in June 1967. [] The strike began after 31 faculty members were dismissed in the fall of 1965 without due process, dismissals which some felt were a violation of the professors' academic freedom. The strike ended without any reinstatements, but led to the widespread unionization of public college faculty in the New York City area. In 1970 arbitrators ruled that the university had not acted improperly. [9]


St. John's University Locations:

Jamaica, Queens - The main campus of St. John's University is located in the neighborhood of Jamaica in the county of Queens of New York City. This 105 acre campus houses several academic buildings, 6 residence halls, athletic facilities, the St. Augustine Library, and provides easy access to Manhattan via the subway system. The Queens campus features stone buildings and student residence halls. Facilities include laboratory and classroom buildings, the main collections of its 1.7 million-volume library; and athletic facilities for students and St. John's Division I athletic teams.

Branch campuses

*Staten Island - Today the Staten Island Campus has expanded to include 16.5 acres serving over 2,000 students who are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The 16.5 acre campus features lawns, apartment-style student residences, and architectural styles that range from red-brick colonial to the modern. The campus is located in the residential Grymes Hill section of Staten Island.

*Manhattan - St. John’s officially opened its Manhattan Campus in June 2001, after its merger with The College of Insurance (TCI). Through the merger, TCI became the School of Risk Management and operates as a unit of the Peter J. Tobin College of Business. This ten-story, prize-winning "vertical campus" features an five-story entrance atrium, 16 conference and seminar rooms, dormitories, 24 high-tech classrooms, and a variety of computer labs. []

*Oakdale - The center in Oakdale is home to several graduate programs in education, psychology, crimial justice, and library science. The location is located on a 175 acre spread, overlooking the south shore of Long Island, and is the former summer mansion home of Frederick Bourne, President of Singer Sewing Machine Company. Its is the only St. John's campus not to offer on-campus housing.

*Rome, Italy- The St. John's location in Rome, Italy is primarily dedicated to graduate programs in business and government, with particular emphasis on the international issues of law, relations, diplomacy, and business. In 2007, St. John's signed a contract to lease new space and expand its presence in Rome. The new facility, which is within walking distance of Vatican City, will include more than 200 beds, 12 classrooms, a multi-use conference room, and student lounge. The building should be complete by Spring 2009. []

*Paris, France - In 2008, St. John's announced the formation of full-time programs, along with semester abroad programs, at a new campus location in Paris, France. [] The new campus is located within the Vincentian Motherhouse in Paris, and the facility is expected to be fully operational by Spring 2009. . []

Campus Renovations

In 2008, St. John's University broke ground for the new University Center/Academic Building, one of the largest and most comprehensive construction projects in St. John’s recent history. Located between Sullivan Hall and the Taffner Field House on the site that currently serves as stadium seating for lacrosse and track and field events, the 110,000 square feet complex has been designed to significantly enhance student life on campus. The building, which will rise dramatically over the upper campus, will contain 14 technologically sophisticated, state-of-the-art classrooms with approximately 800 seats. In addition, it will include a café, lounge, recreation and entertainment spaces, student organization offices and conference and meeting rooms devoted exclusively to student use. []

In 2005, St. John's constructed Taffner Field house, and dramatically renovated Carnesecca Hall and the University Center. Renovations to Carnesecca Hall included a 6400 sq. ft. Health Center, for use by Student Life and athletics, including weight training equipment, aerobic and dance studios, and a student lounge. The University Center renovations consisted of reconfigured office and meeting space for Student Life and academic clubs, and the addition of audio/visual rooms for all varsity athletic teams. Taffner Athletic Field House was $23 million initiative. The two-story, 38,000 sq. ft. structure adjacent to Carnesecca Hall included:
*Four full size basketball courts-two for Student Life, two for Varsity Basketball
*Academic support classrooms and study space for student-athletes
*Office and meeting space for recreation and intramural activities
*Audio/visual rooms for all varsity athletic teams
*Dedicated locker rooms for both student recreation and men's and women's basketball
*New offices and meeting rooms for men's and women's basketball
*Exclusive Sports Medicine and weight training facilities

The 2004-2005 academic years saw $35 million in capital projects, including the completion of St. Thomas More church, the DaSilva academic building, Carnesecca Hall Fitness Center, and Belson Stadium. In 2005 the science labs and student life facilities were the target of an additional $60 million in capital enhancements.

Centers & Institutes

St. John's University houses several centers, committees, and institutes. Some of the most notable are listed below, but reflect only a portion of the programs operating out of the university.
*The Center for Community Services seeks to provide community health and human services to members of the community surrounding St. John's University who could not otherwise afford it. This facility houses the Center for Psychological Services, Speech and Hearing Center, and Reading and Writing Education Center. Previously located on St. John’s campus, these centers now are easily accessible to the entire community with a new location on Union Turnpike.

*"The Vincentian Center for Church and Society at St. John's University Center has deep roots in the Catholic Church, and supports the community at large with a number of service and educational programs. It is the site of many academic and cultural events, and the home of the Vincentian Chair of Social Justice, the Institute on Poverty Studies, and the Religion and Science Dialogue. The Center also conducts and disseminates research on topics related to poverty and social justice, and acts as a clearinghouse for gathering, developing and exchanging Vincentian-related information." []

*"Committee on Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) was established in 1994. Its policy is grounded in the University's Vincentian mission and a commitment to global education, as put forward by St. John's President Rev. Donald J. Harrington, C.M. St. John's is aware of the increasing importance of the U.S. economy on Latin American and Caribbean trading sectors through NAFTA and other agreements, and promotes an increase in education in that field through the various research and courses associated with the Committee." []

*The Italian Cultural Center was established at St. John's in 1992. The center conducts various educational and cultural activities that increase the awareness of Italian-Americans of their heritage, and strives to foster a greater appreciation of the significant contributions of Italians to American culture. In addition, the center seeks to preserve, communicate and celebrate Italian and Italian-American culture, values, and heritage, while supporting the mission of the University.

*"The Center for Professional Education offers, workshops, certificate programs and professional designation examination preparation courses, as well as consulting services to industry, governments and regulators worldwide. For more than 30 years, the Center has served the educational needs of more than 10,000 professionals in the insurance, risk management and financial services industries." []
*"Institute for Biotechnology gives students an understanding of the scientific theory and advanced laboratory research techniques vital to success in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through graduate level course work leading to a masters degree. The Institute draws upon such disciplines as microbiology, biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology to aid in the advancement of pharmaceutical biotechnology. This interdisciplinary program is a joint effort of the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions and St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences." []

*M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery "began with its first season in September, 1994. The gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of all forms of contemporary art, and it brings to the Queens campus works of art created by well known and emerging artists of regional, national and international backgrounds. The gallery is housed in Sun Yat Sen Hall." []

*The Institute for Asian Studies, founded in 1959, is housed in Sun Yat-Sen Hall. The main goal for all programs at the Institute of Asian Studies is to foster, facilitate and enhance a global, multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual education. Sun Yat-Sen Hall, where the Institute for Asian Studies is housed, reflects East Asian architecture and is home to the Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery (University Gallery). []


Until 1994, the St. John's mascot was the Redmen, which referenced the red uniforms worn by the university in competition. However, the name did evolve into a Native American reference in the 1960s, and was changed to the Red Storm after mounting pressure on colleges and universities to adopt names more sensitive to Native American culture. [] [] [] .

St. John's 17 NCAA Division I teams compete in the Big East Conference, with the exception of the fencing and lacrosse teams, which compete in the ECAC.

Men's Sports

Women's Sports
*Track and Field
*Cross Country

Defunct Sports Teams
*Hockey []
*Football []
*Mens Track []
*Mens and Women's Swimming and Diving []

Co-Ed Clubs
*Judo []
*Tae Kwon Do []
*Bowling []
*Volleyball []

St. John's Athletic Accomplishments:Basketball - St. John's is the 5th most successful program in college basketball history (1673 wins), and has the 7th best winning percentage (.680) in the NCAA. St. John's boasts the 7th most NCAA tournament appearances (27), two Wooden National Player of the Year Award Winners, 11 consensus All-Americans, 6 members of the Hall of Fame and has sent 59 players to the NBA. However, of the top 5 teams, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Duke, and St. John's, St. John's is the only team not to win an NCAA championship for basketball, and currently holds the NCCA Division 1 Record for Most NCAA Tournament appearances without a championship. [] [] . The Red Storm play most of their home games at Madison Square Garden,"The World's Most Famous Arena", while their early non-conference games are held at Carnesecca Arena on the St. John's campus in Queens. [] . St. John's University holds the second best winning percentage for a New York City school in the NCAA basketball tournament (second to City College of New York - which won two NCAA Div 1 Championships [] ) [] . St. John's has the most NIT appearances with 27 [] , the most championship wins with 6, [] although they were stripped of one due to an NCAA infraction [] . St. John's also holds a Helms Athletic Foundation Championship. In 2008, St. John's celebrated its 100th year of college basketball.

Soccer - St. John's soccer has recently climbed to national prominence, appearing in 15 straight NCAA tournaments, advancing to the Sweet 16 in each of the last ten seasons, and the Final Four on 3 occasions. They have captured 11 Big East Championships, including the 2006 season title, and in 1996, St. John's won the NCAA National Championship. Their home games are hosted at Belson Stadium, a state of the art 2,300 seat stadium on the university campus. []

Baseball - The St. John's Red Storm have been to the College World Series 6 times, recorded 26 NCAA appearances, 6 Big East Championships and have sent 70 players on to professional baseball careers. Most recently, St. John's won the Big East Regular Season Title two of the last three years (2005/2007). The 3,500 seat "Ballpark at St. John's" was renamed "Jack Kaiser Stadium" in 2007 after the Hall of Fame Coach and former St. John's Athletic Director. The stadium is one of the largest college baseball stadiums in the northeast, and is a featured venue on the EA Sports MVP NCAA Baseball video game. []

Fencing - The St. John's fencing program has also attained national prominence. In 2001, St. John's won the NCAA Fencing Championship. The team has ranked in the top five each of the last 10 years, and finished 2nd in the NCAA during 1995, 2000, 2002, and 2007 seasons. In addition to team accolades, St. John's has won eleven NCAA Individual National Championship titles. []

Controversial events

Recent News

*In 2006, a St. John's University attendee Mohammed Junaid Babar convicted for aiding al-Qaeda, conspiracy to assist al-Qaeda between January 2004 and May 2006. []
*In 2007, a student with a history of psychiatric problems [] brought a rifle onto the St. John's University campus. He was restrained, arrested and charged with weapons related crimes. [] []
*In 2007, St. John's, along with several other Universities, settled among allegations of receiving kickbacks from student loan corporations. New York State attorney general Andrew Cuomo (son of former NY Governor, and St. John's University Alum, Mario Cuomo) and St. John's agreed to settle for $80,000.00. []
*In 2007, St. John's discussed showing the Vagina Monolgues, but hesitations from administrators put the project on hold pending an endorsement from an academic department. []
*In 2007, It was discovered that St. John's University was in plans to have a dormitory facilities in Jamaica Queens. This was after it made a pledge not to build dorms in the neighborhood [] . This pledge wasn't technically broken because the dorms are being built by another group and will be leased by St. John's University [] . "This is not a St. John's development," said university spokesman Dominic Scianna. "We're just leasing the property." []
*In 2008, Former St. John's University Professor and Baseball Team member Brian McNamee accused Roger Clemens of using sports enhancing drugs. []


*In 1961, gambling charges caused 37 arrests of players from 22 colleges including Columbia, St. John's, New York University, North Carolina State and Connecticut. []
*In 1983 an 19 year old St. John's University student Kathleen Habeeb was stabbed in the heart [] while entering her off campus home in Jamaica Estates Queens. [] . St. John's University is currently planning on building off campus dorms in Jamaica, Queens. []
*The 1990 St John's Lacrosse Team Rape Case involved several members of the St. John's University Lacrosse team (Walter Grabinowitz, Adam Gerber, Michael Calandrillo, Matthew Grandinetti, and Andrew Draghi) who were acquitted of gang rape charges of an African American female [] [] [] . One student Joseph Reilly pleaded guilty to second degree sexual abuse. [] . Another Adam Gerber pleaded guilty to sexual assault [] and a third Michael Calandrillo to two counts of sexual misconduct and unlawful imprisonment. [] . Law and order made an episode based off that case []
*In 1991 a 17 year old St. John's University female student stated that she was raped [] by him (Keith Howie) at [Alumni Hall] [] .
*In 1997 Justin Volpe an NYPD police officer was arrested for sodomizing Abner Louima [] . This occurred two years after graduating from St. John's University. []
*In 1997, A St. John's University professor was attacked and left for dead in her car at a St. John's University Parking lot. [] .
*Around the year 2000, St. John's was criticized by the NCAA for misrepresent facts in an NCAA investigation and was criticized by the NCAA [] .
*In 1999, Young Bill Manolis, a popular 18-year-old freshman at St. John's University was fatally stabbed allegedly by Carmine Galante, 22 (nephew of Carmine Galante mafia member). []
*In March 2001, Two St. John's University students were shot on a campus parking lot by another man. One man Cory Prince, a St. John's University football player, was left paralyzed by the attack. []
*In 2002, St. John's University stated that it would eliminate 6 athletic programs (of which 5 were men's teams and one women's team) in order to comply with Title IX gender equality rules. It than added a men's lacrosse team. [] which had been closed since the 1990 St John's Lacrosse Team Rape Case. . This would allow for St. John's to fully comply with title IX regulations.
*"In November 2003, Willie Shaw, a senior guard, and former star Marcus Hatten—in what can only be called a serious lapse of race-profile-defusing street smarts—were busted for smoking pot as they sat in a white Caddy with Maryland plates outside the St. John’s off-campus players’ residence. Three weeks later, Mike Jarvis, the Storm coach who had led the team to twenty-win seasons in four of five years, was fired." [] St. John's hasn't had only 1 winning basketball season since with a 16-15 record in 2006-2007. []
*In 2003, St. John's basketball player, an African American, Grady Grady Reynolds [] was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment against a member of the St. John's University Women's Swim team Rachel Seager, a white female. Grady contended that the accuser was a stalker [] . He was represented by St. John's University Professor and Lawyer Oscar Holt. (which may have been a conflict of interest due to his ties to the university) [] He received an ACD and was ordered to undergo anger management. []
*Around 2003, Captain of the St. John's University basketball team Shareef Fordham was arrested for cocaine and eventually convicted. He is currently serving a prison sentence. []
*In November 2003, basketball players Willie Shaw and Marcus Hatten were arrested for smoking marijuana near the St. John’s off-campus players’ residence. Three weeks later, Mike Jarvis, St. John’s coach, who had led the team to twenty-win seasons in four of five years, was fired." []
*In 2003, it was revealed that Keita, a St. John's basketball player, was being given a $300 monthly allowance and free school books to be on the team, which is illegal according to NCAA standards. In response to the incident, expecting NCAA penalties, St. John’s announced a self-imposed two-year ban on postseason play.]
*In 2004 the St Johns basketball team were accused of gang raping a woman in the locker room. It was later revealed they hired the prostitute for $1000 to perform sexual acts on them. They then paid her $6 which caused her to go to the police and make false accusations that she was raped. The several players involved were expelled. [] [] Grady Renolds was expelled from the school [] , Abe Keita was banned from the team, and suspended for a year [] , Mohamed Diakite and Lamont Hamilton were suspspended for the rest of the season [] , freshman Tyler Jones was suspended for the rest of the season, freshman Tyler Jones [] , ] while leading scorer Elijah Ingram withdrew from the university. [] Team manager Eric Garnier was suspended indefinitely []
*In September 2005, a woman was allegedly raped in the dorms at St. John's University. The accused, Alleged rapist Rodney Syndor, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 years probation. []
*In 2004, Four St. John's University students of Pakastani descent were detained by Times Square while seated in a burgundy van. [] Police sources say two of those students were on the FBI watch list []

Bread & Life Program

The Bread & Life Program was established in 1982, and recently returned as an extension of St. John’s University. [] The program is located in Brooklyn at the original location of St. John’s University and provides a soup kitchen, food pantry, mobile meals, counseling services, medical support, a legal clinic, and advocates for the poor. It is one of the largest social service organizations serving the needs of the homeless and underprivileged in New York City. [] The organization served more than 120,000 meals to the hungry, 140,000 through its food pantry and another 90,000 plus meals through its Mobile Soup Kitchen in 2007. The program is operated in large part by student volunteers from St. John’s University, as well as other volunteers in the city. [] [] St. John’s is constructing a new facility to house the Bread & Life program, a 22,000 square foot space (nearly doubling the current facility) that will significantly expand the services made available to the underprivelaged in the city. []

The Torch

The Torch is the official student-run newspaper of St. John's University. Founded in 1922, the paper has shifted in and out of the control of the University, but has been financially independent from the University since 1980. In 1988, The Torch was inducted into the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame after being awarded a number of awards from various collegiate newspaper organizations. During the 2006-2007 academic year, The Torch won several awards from the New York Press Association and American Scholastic Press Association, including Second Place in General Excellence from the NYPA. []

Notable Alumni

*Ron Artest - NBA Basketball Player and key individual in the Pacers-Pistons brawl
*Darryl “Showtime" Hill‎
*Bruce R. Bent - Inventor of first Money Market Fund
*Stanley David Levison - Lawyer, Activist and Advisor to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
*Walter Berry - NBA Basketball Player
*Anthony Joseph Bevilacqua - Cardinal and Archbishop of Philadelphia
*Ron Brown - U.S. Secretary of Commerce
*Hugh Carey - Governor of New York
*Lou Carnesecca - Hall of Fame Basketball Coach
*William J. Casey - Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
*John Corvino - Professor of Philosophy at Wayne State
*Mario Cuomo - Governor of New York
*Nickolas Davatzes - Former President and CEO of the A&E Network
*George Deukmejian - Governor of California
*Conrad B. Duberstein - Former Chief Judge United States Bankruptcy Court
*Alexander A. Farrelly - Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands
*Paul J. Feiner - Town Supervisor, Greenburgh, New York
*Mike Francesa - Sportscaster
*John Franco - MLB Professional Baseball Player
*Bill Gaudette - MLS Professional Soccer Player
*Matt Groenwald - MLS Professional Soccer Player
*Craig Hansen - MLB Professional Baseball
*Mark Jackson - NBA Basketball Player
*Shalrie Joseph - MLS Professional Soccer Player
*Denis P. Kelleher - Founder and CEO of Wall Street Access
*Raymond W. Kelly - New York City Police Commissioner
*Kevin Maher - Chemtura Corporation
*Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels - Co-founder of legendary hip-hop group Run-D.M.C.
*Al McGuire - NCAA Men's Basketball Coach and Sports Commentator
*Chris Mullin - NBA Basketball Player
*Eugene T. Wetzold - President and Founder of Weston Portfolio Group
*Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain - Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
*Harvey Pitt - Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
*Charles B. Rangel - U.S. Congressman
*Howie Schwab - Star of ESPN's Stump the Schwab
*Malik Sealy - NBA Basketball Player
*Bob Sheppard - Sports Announcer for the New York Yankees, "Voice of the Yankees"
*Ron Silver - Tony Award-winning Actor
*Keeth Smart - Olympic Fencer and first American to reach #1 world ranking
*James Van Thach - United States Army Captain, 1st Vietnamese-American Military Advisor to the New Iraqi Army. []
*Peter J. Tobin - Chief Financial Officer of The Chase Manhattan Corporation
*Daniel P. Tully - Chairman Emeritus and CEO of Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
*Louis Schroeder - Wall Street Broker
*Frank Viola - Professional baseball player
*Bill Wennington - NBA Basketball Player and Author
*Jayson Williams - NBA Basketball Player and Author
*Chris Wingert - MLS Professional Soccer Player


Further reading

*"Hueppe, Frederick E., "The Radiant Light: a history of St. John's College presented in the Vincentian," 1955, (St. John's University Archives)."

*"Morris, Barbara L., "To Define A Catholic University: the 1965 Crisis at St. John's" (Ed. D. thesis, Columbia University Teachers College, 1977)"

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  • St. John's University, New York — Saint John s University (New York) Saint John s University Devise Educatio Christiana Animae Perfectio Informations Fondation 1870 Type Université privée Dotation 500 millions de $ Localisation New York, États Unis Campus …   Wikipédia en Français

  • St. John's University (New York City) — Saint John s University (New York) Saint John s University Devise Educatio Christiana Animae Perfectio Informations Fondation 1870 Type Université privée Dotation 500 millions de $ Localisation New York, États Unis Campus …   Wikipédia en Français

  • St. John's University (New York) — Die St. John s University ist eine private Universität in New York City im US Bundesstaat New York. Mit 20.346 Studenten ist sie nach der DePaul University die zweitgrößte katholische Hochschule in den USA. Sie wurde 1870 gegründet.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • St. John’s University (New York) — Logo Die St. John s University ist eine private Universität in New York City im US Bundesstaat New York. Mit 20.346 Studenten ist sie nach der DePaul University die zweitgrößte katholische Hochschule in den USA. Sie wurde 1870 gegründet. Neben… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • New York Film Academy — NYFA building Union Square. New York Film Academy School of Film and Acting (NYFA) is a film school and acting school based in New York City, Universal City, California, USA and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. NYFA offers short term film making… …   Wikipedia

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