The Black Box (serial)

The Black Box (serial)

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name = The Black Box

image_size =
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director = Otis Turner
producer = Otis Turner
writer = E. Phillips Oppenheim
Otis Turner
narrator =
starring = Herbert Rawlinson
music =
cinematography =
editing =
distributor = Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
released = 14 March, 1915
runtime = 15 episodes
country = USA
language = Silent
English intertitles
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imdb_id = 0004974

"The Black Box" is a 1915 drama film serial directed by Otis Turner. This serial is considered to be lost.cite web |url= |title=Progressive Silent Film List: The Black Box |accessdate=2008-02-10 |work=Silent Era]


* Herbert Rawlinson - Sanford Quest
* Ann Little - Lenore MacDougal (as Anna Little)
* William Worthington - Prof. Ashleigh / Lord Ashleigh
* Mark Fenton - Police officer
* Laura Oakley - Laura
* Frank MacQuarrie - Craig
* Frank Lloyd - Ian MacDouglas
* Helen Wright - Lady Ashleigh / Mrs. Reinholdt
* Beatrice Van - Ashleigh's daughter
* Hylda Hollis - (as Hilda Sloman)
* J. Edwin Brown
* Dorothy Brown
* Duke Worne
* Harry Tenbrook
* Lionel Bradshaw
* Osborne Chase

Chapter titles

#An Apartment House Mystery
#The Hidden Hands
#The Pocket Wireless
#An Old Grudge
#On the Rack
#The Unseen Terror
#The House of Mystery
#The Inherited Sin
#Lost in London
#The Ship of Horror
#A Desert Vengeance
#’Neath Iron Wheels
#Tongues of Flame
#A Bolt from the Blue
#The Black Box

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