1915 in film

1915 in film

The year 1915 in film involved some significant events.



*June 18 : The Motion Picture Directors Association (MPDA) was formed by twenty-six film directors in Los Angeles, California.
*The Allan Dwan directed film "David Harum" is released. The film is the first in long line of a successful romantic onscreen pairings of actors May Allison and Harold Lockwood.
*The Duplex Corporation creates a Split Duplex, an early widescreen film format where the film image is rotated 90 degrees and occupies half of a conventional frame.

Top grossing films

# "The Birth of a Nation"

Films released in 1915

* "The Awakening"
* "La Banda della cifre"
* "The Birth of a Nation", directed by D.W. Griffith, starring Lillian Gish, Sam De Grasse, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, Wallace Reid, and Blanche Sweet
* "Burlesque on Carmen"
* "Carmen", starring Theda Bara
* "The Cheat"
* "David Harum"
* "Der Golem", starring Paul Wegener
* "The Eternal City"
* "Fatty's Tintype Tangle", starring and directed by 'Fatty' Arbuckle
* "La Folie du Docteur Tube"
* "A Fool There Was", starring Theda Bara
* "His New Job"
* "Honeymoon for Three"
* "Inspiration"
* "The Italian"
* "Martyrs of the Alamo" by D.W Griffith
* "The Morals of Marcus", starring Marie Doro
* "Regeneration"
* "The Tramp"
* "Les Vampires", directed by Louis Feuillade, starring Musidora and Édouard Mathé

hort film series

*"Broncho Billy Anderson" (1910-1916)
*"Harold Lloyd" (1913-1921)
*"Charlie Chaplin" (1914-1923


*January 9 - Anita Louise, actress (d. 1970)
*January 9 - Fernando Lamas, actor (d. 1982)
*January 11 - Veda Ann Borg, actress (d. 1973)
*January 29 - Victor Mature, actor (d. 1999)
*January 30 - Dorothy Dell, actress (d. 1934)
*February 7 - Eddie Bracken, actor (d. 2002)
*February 12 - Lorne Greene, actor (d. 1987)
*February 21 - Ann Sheridan, actress (d. 1967)
*February 23 - Jon Hall, actor (d. 1979)
*February 28 - Zero Mostel, actor (d. 1977)
*March 2 - Lona Andre, actress (d. 1992)
*March 17 - Henry Bumstead, art director (d. 2006)
*April 10 - Harry Morgan, United States actor
*April 21 - Anthony Quinn, actor (d. 2001)
*May 5 - Alice Faye, actress (d. 1998)
*May 6 - Orson Welles, actor, director (d. 1985)
*June 12 - Priscilla Lane, singer, actress (d. 1995)
*July 7 - Yul Brynner, actor (d. 1985)
*August 29 - Ingrid Bergman, actress (d. 1982)
*September 5 - Jack Buetel, actor (d. 1989)
*September 10 - Edmond O'Brien, actor (d. 1985)
*October 13 - Cornel Wilde, actor (d. 1989)
*December 7 - Eli Wallach, actor
*December 12 - Frank Sinatra, singer, actor (d. 1998)
*December 13 - Curd Jürgens, actor (d. 1982)

Film Debuts

* Edna Purviance
* W.C. Fields


*January 10 - Marshall P. Wilder, diminutive stage & screen actor, age 55.
*April 26John Bunny, silent film comedian
*June 16 - Elmer Booth, silent screen actor brother of film editor Margaret Booth.
*October 31 - Blanche Walsh, stage actress appeared in Zukor's 3 reel feature "Resurrection" 1912

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