Federal Assembly of Switzerland

Federal Assembly of Switzerland

The Federal Assembly (in German, "Bundesversammlung"; in French, "Assemblée fédérale"; in Italian, "Assemblea federale"; in Romansh, "Assamblea federala"), is Switzerland's federal parliament. It meets in Bern in the "Bundeshaus".

The Federal Assembly is responsible for electing the Federal Council, the Federal Chancellor, and federal judges. It also appoints a General in case of crisis or war.


The Federal Assembly is made up of two chambers:
*the National Council, with 200 seats
*the Council of States, with 46 councillors.

Seats in the National Council are allocated to the cantons proportionally, based on population. In the Council of States, every canton has two seats (except for the former "half-cantons", which have one seat each).

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*Swiss federal election, 2007

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