14th Street (Manhattan)

14th Street (Manhattan)

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14th Street is a major crosstown street in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The street rivals the size of some of the well-known avenues of the city and is an important business location.

In the past 14th Street was an upscale location, but it lost some of its glamor and status as the city grew northward. At Broadway, 14th Street forms the southern border of Union Square. It is also considered the northern boundary of Greenwich Village and the East Village, and the southern boundary of Chelsea, Flatiron/Lower Midtown, and Gramercy.

Most importantly, however, 14th Street marks the southern terminus of Manhattan's grid system. North of 14th Street, the streets make up a near-perfect grid that runs in numerical order. South of 14th, in Greenwich Village and other areas in Lower Manhattan, the grid breaks down and becomes scattered, and then nonexistent below Houston Street.

Road description

West 14th Street begins at an interchange with New York State Route 9A northeast of Greenwich Village.cite web|url=http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&um=1&q=14th+street&near=New+York,+NY&fb=1&cid=0,0,5939796151876967719&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=image|title="14th Street - New York City"|format=HTML|accessdate=2007-07-20|work=Google Maps] At the end of the interchange, 10th Avenue crosses. Ninth Avenue and Hudson Street intersect soon after. The 14th Street–Eighth Avenue station is at the next intersection, in which it serves the A, C, E and L trains. At the Seventh Avenue intersection, the 14th Street Station serves the 1, 2 and 3 trains. The next intersection, 14th Street and Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas), is a one-way intersection. 5th Avenue crosses soon after, going in the other direction. After 5th Avenue, West 14th becomes East 14th. 4th Avenue and Broadway meet at the southeast part of Union Square. 14th Street continues on for a few more intersections and ends at the FDR Drive, which is on the East River.



14th Street is well-served by the New York City Subway. Every line that crosses 14th Street has a stop there:
* 14th Street-Union Square (L N Q R W 4 5 6) on the BMT Canarsie Line, BMT Broadway Line, and IRT Lexington Avenue Line
* 14th Street (F V) on the IND Sixth Avenue Line
* 14th Street (1 2 3) on the IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line
* 14th Street (A C E) on the IND Eighth Avenue Line

The BMT Canarsie Line runs underneath 14th Street from Eighth Avenue to the East River, stopping at First Avenue, Third Avenue, Sixth Avenue, 14th Street-Union Square, and Eighth Avenue. The line is served at all times by the L.

PATH also makes a stop at 14th Street at its intersection with Sixth Avenue.

Major intersections

county=New York
location_special=Meatpacking District
notes=Western terminus
road=5th Avenue
notes=West 14th Street becomes East 14th Street
location_special=Alphabet City
road=Avenue A; 14th Street Loop
notes=Western terminus of the 14th Street Loop
road=Avenue B; 14th Street Loop
notes=Eastern terminus of the 14th Street Loop
notes=Access to southbound FDR Drive

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