14th Street–Eighth Avenue (New York City Subway)

14th Street–Eighth Avenue (New York City Subway)

Infobox NYCS
name=14th Street–Eighth Avenue

service_custom=NYCS Eighth south|time=full
NYCS Canarsie|time=full
passengers = 10.198 million
pass_year = 2006
pass_percent = 8

14th Street–Eighth Avenue is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the BMT Canarsie Line and the IND Eighth Avenue Line. It is located at Eighth Avenue and 14th Street in Manhattan, and is served by A, E and L trains at all times, and C trains at all times except late nights. Entrances are located at the corners of Eighth Avenue and 14th, 15th, and 16th Streets. The whole complex is ADA-compliant, with the accessible station entrance at 14th Street.

This station was recently renovated; an art installation by Tom Otterness, called "Life Underground", features whimsical bronze sculptures, including a sewer alligator, scattered about the station. There are a number of MTA New York City Transit Authority training facilities located in the Mezzanine. A newsstand was added in early 2006.

IND Eighth Avenue Line platforms

Infobox NYCS
name=14th Street

bg_color = #11117D
line = IND Eighth Avenue Line
service = Eighth south
platforms = 2 island platforms
tracks = 4
open_date=September 10, 1932New York Times, List of the 28 Stations on the New 8th Av. Line, September 10, 1932, page 6]
north_line = IND Eighth Avenue Line
north_local_station = 23rd Street
north_local_service = Eighth south local
north_express_station = 34th Street–Penn Station
north_express_station_acc = yes
north_express_service = Eighth south express
south_station = West Fourth Street–Washington Square
south_station_acc = yes
south_line = IND Eighth Avenue Line
south_service = Eighth south

14th Street on the IND Eighth Avenue Line has four tracks and two island platforms. This is the southernmost Eighth Avenue Line station that is actually under Eighth Avenue itself; south of here, the line curves east to Sixth Avenue via Greenwich Avenue.

BMT Canarsie Line platform

Infobox NYCS
name=Eighth Avenue

bg_color = #838A88
line = BMT Canarsie Line
service = Canarsie
platforms = 1 island platform
tracks = 2
open_date = May 30, 1931
north_custom_station = (Terminal)
south_station = Sixth Avenue
south_line = BMT Canarsie Line
south_service = Canarsie

Eighth Avenue on the BMT Canarsie Line has two tracks and one island platform. It is the western (railroad north) terminal of the BMT Canarsie Line.


Eighth Avenue station opened on 30 May 1931 and was the last station to open on the Canarsie Line, built as an extension from the main line that opened seven years earlier westward to the previous terminal: Sixth Avenue. [http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F60B11F83E5E1B7A93C2AA178ED85F458385F9&scp=1&sq=mayor%20drives%20train%20in%20new%20subway%20link&st=cse Mayor drives train in new subway link] "New York Times" Retrieved 2008-09-02]

tation layout

Eighth Avenue uses a regular local layout with the only diffeence being its function as a terminal rather than a through station. There is a single island platform with two tracks [http://nycsubway.org/perl/stations?203:3211 8th Avenue] "NYCSubway" Retrieved 2008-09-02] which are designated officially as Q1 and Q2; however, these chaining numbers are only used by train crew and MTA personnel as their main purpose is distance-marking. Originally, they were named QW1 and QW2 since Eighth Avenue was a western extension of the Canarsie Line, but the line has been re-chained simply as Q. Eighth Avenue is the zero-point of the Canarsie Line's chaining, that is, it is the starting point of all distances on the line.

The station is decorated in a more IND style than the rest of the Canarsie Line, which was built by the BMT. The tile colour scheme is white with red stripes and beige mosaics. To signify the station's location, there are small "8" decorations in turquoise octagons.


Eighth Avenue station was originally served by the BMT 16 service, whose named was then changed to the LL on 26 November 1967 coinciding with the opening of the Chrystie Street Connection which joined the BMT and the IND. [http://nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/maps/bmt_1939_wf2.jpg1939 BMT route map] "NYCSubway" Retrieved 2008-09-02] [http://nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/maps/irvingtrust-july68.png1968 route map] "NYCSubway" Retrieved 2008-09-02] The LL became the L in 1985 when double letters, which originally denoted local trains, were elimated. Currently, the MTA's schedule states that a ride on the L to its eastern terminal, Rockaway Parkway, takes 37 minutes. [http://mta.info/nyct/service/pdf/tlcur.pdf L train timetable] "MTA" Retrieved 2008-09-02]

Nearby points of interest

* Abdingdon Square
* Balduccis gourmet food market
* The Blue Note jazz club
* Chelsea art galleries west of Tenth Avenue
* Chelsea Piers Sports Complex
* The High Line elevated greenway (under construction)
* Hudson River Park
* Meatpacking District
* Saint Vincent's Hospital – fence nearby is covered with ceramic tiles in tribute to the WTC
* Westbeth Artists Community
* West Village
* White Horse Tavern – oldest tavern in New York City

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