Hyperion is a Titan in Greek mythology.

Hyperion may also refer to:

In science:
* Hyperion (moon), a moon of Saturn

In technology:
* Hyperion (computer), a Canadian computer from the 1980s
* Hyperion sewage treatment plant, a large Los Angeles sewage-treatment plant
* Hyperion Solutions: software for business intelligence and management, owned by Oracle Corporation
* Hyperion Power Generation: a company producing small, modular nuclear power reactors

In literature:
* Hyperion (poem), an unfinished epic poem by John Keats
* Hyperion (Longfellow), a book by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
* Hyperion (Hölderlin), a novel by Friedrich Hölderlin
* Hyperion (journal), a short-lived 1908 German literary journal
* Hyperion (novel), a science-fiction novel by Dan Simmons, in his "Hyperion Cantos" series

In music:
* Hyperion (album), an album by power-metal band Manticora
* Hyperion Records, a classical record-label

In television:
* Hyperion class (Babylon 5), a class of heavy cruisers in the Babylon-5 universe
* EAS "Hyperion", a fictional starship in the Babylon-5 universe
* Hyperion Hotel, an office in the "Angel" TV series.
* Hyperion, an alien planet on "seaQuest DSV", site of the "seaQuest"'s destruction.
* Hyperion Ave., were the married Lois and Clark lived in "" TV series.

In computer games:
* Hyperion Entertainment, a maker of software games
* "Hyperion" (StarCraft), Captain Jim Raynor's battlecruiser in the StarCraft universe
* "Hyperion", a class of battleship in the EVE Online universe
* Hyperion, Seifer Almasy's gunblade in Final Fantasy VIII
* Hyperion III, a spaceship, the setting for the "Doctor Who" serial "Terror of the Vervoids".

In popular culture:
* Hyperion (comics), various Marvel Comics characters
* Hyperion (Supreme Power), one such Marvel Comics character
* Emperor Hyperion, a villain in the Gekigangar 3
* CAT1-X Hyperion Gundam series, a fictional weapon
* "Hyperion" (Legend of the Galactic Heroes), a fictional battleship from the Legend of the Galactic Heroes universe, the flagship of Freeplanets Alliance commander Yang Wenli.
* Hyperion airship, a fictional airship featured in the Walt Disney film "Island at the Top of the World"


*Hyperion Solutions Corporation, a producer of business-oriented software
*Hyperion (publisher), a book-publishing division of The Walt Disney Company
*Hyperion Pictures, a film-production company


* HMS "Hyperion" (H97) (1936-1940), a British warship
*Hyperion (horse), a British racehorse.
*Hyperion (tree), a redwood tree that is the tallest living tree
*Hyperion (university), a University in Bucharest, Romania
*Hyperion Theater, a live-performance theater inside Disney's California Adventure

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