Martin Stone (guitarist)

Martin Stone (guitarist)

Martin Stone (born 11 December 1946, Wokingham, Surrey) is an English guitarist and book antiquarian. A longtime resident of Fingest in Buckinghamshire, he currently lives in Paris.


Musical career

Stone has played in many groups, including Junior's Blues Band, Stone's Masonry, Almost Presley, The Action, Savoy Brown Blues Band, Mighty Baby, Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers, Southern Comfort, The Pink Fairies, and the The 101'ers.


Subsequent to his musical efforts Stone has achieved international notoriety as a bookscout. He is a major player in John Baxter's memoir A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict.[1] He is the subject of a limited edition book Martin Stone, Bookscout by the California rare bookseller Peter Howard of Serendipity Books.[2] He appeared in the television documentary Without Walls: The Cardinal And The Corpse (Iain Sinclair / Chris Petit 1992).[3] He is also known to be the basis for the character Nicholas Lane in Sinclair's novel White Chappell, Scarlett Tracings (1987).[4]


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