David Lloyd (actor)

David Lloyd (actor)

David Lloyd is an English actor and screenwriter, perhaps best known from his role in Maid Marian and her Merry Men, where he played Graeme, one of the two guards (alongside Mark Billingham's Gary).



David Lloyd was born on 17 May 1955 in Wallasey, Cheshire, England, and is, according to the IMDb, 6' 1" tall.[1] Lloyd studied drama at Manchester University between 1978 and 1981, where he met and worked closely with Ben Elton, later on of Britain's foremost comedians and a key figure in Alternative comedy.


Lloyd's friendship with Elton led to him appearing in minor roles in the landmark 1980s (and Elton-written) sitcom The Young Ones, as well as that series' less-well-received semi-sequel Filthy Rich & Catflap. Bitparts (usually in uniform) followed in other sitcoms: Lloyd was a postman in Making Out, a recurring German guard in 'Allo 'Allo and a policeman in The New Statesman, with Young Ones star Rik Mayall. Lloyd also featured in an episode of Mayall and Edmonson's 1991 sitcom Bottom.

Maid Marian

Lloyd is best known, however, for his role as Graeme in the 1989 BBC Children's Television series Maid Marian and her Merry Men. Alongside Mr Billingham's Gary, the two guards were ostensibly part of 'ye baddies', but were really very sympathetic, (if slightly dim-witted) comedic sidekicks and foils to Tony Robinson's Sheriff of Nottingham. Initially, this semi-musical pseudo-Children's comedy programme was written solely by Mr Robinson, but by the third series, both Mr Lloyd and Mr Billingham were helping out with storylines and scripts, both ultimately gaining on-screen credits as co-writers. The three remain friends, and can be seen discussing writing Maid Marian on the DVD release of Series 3.[2]

Other children's TV

Lloyd (and Billingham)'s work on Maid Marian with Tony Robinson gave them a grounding in comedy scriptwriting, and spurred them to write more. Between 1993 and 1996, the two collaborated on the writing of another children's comedy programme: Harry's Mad, based on the novel by British children's author Dick King-Smith. The programme featured an intelligent talking parrot ("Madison"), inherited by his owner, Harry, upon the death of his uncle. The parrot's abilities were only known by a select few, but would be heard at inopportune moments, causing considerable trouble for Harry.[3][4] The show ran for four series, and also featured Lloyd, Billingham and Maid Marian co-star Howard Lew Lewis in various small roles.

Soon after (1996 to 1998), Lloyd was back in front of the cameras, playing Mr Hunter, the husband of Tessa Peake-Jones's character, who adopt the main character of Dinah Glass in the BBC series The Demon Headmaster (based on the books by Gillian Cross). Although rarely seen during the first series, Lloyd's character played a larger role in the second and third. (A fourth series was reputedly planned, but ultimately scrapped, and never filmed.)

In March 2009 he made a guest appearance as Mr Marvelloso in the BBC children's series 'Grandpa in my Pocket'.


While taking minor roles in such programmes as Casualty, The Bill and Waking the Dead, Mr Lloyd has turned his skill and experience from Maid Marian and Harry's Mad into a symbiotic career as an accomplished screenwriter of non-Children's programmes, having produced scripts for Casualty (2004) and Eastenders (2003-6).

In 2001, he began writing for the daytime BBC medical soap/drama Doctors, and has rapidly become one of the most prolific writers on that show having written over 40 episodes. His 2002-penned episode "It Shouldn't Happen to a Doctor" (in which Tony Robinson guest-starred) received a "Most Spectacular Scene" nomination at the British Soap Awards for its final scene.[5]

Non TV

David Lloyd is the match-day announcer for Bristol City football club, and is also a keen cricketer with Backwell Flax Bourton Cricket Club for whom he is second team captain and Youth Organiser. He also provides match reports on the web.

He is a regular newspaper reviewer on BBC Radio Bristol's breakfast show and owns a 50% share in a cider press.

You can follow him on twitter: @dave_backwell

Select screenography



  • Maid Marian and Her Merry Men (1989-94)
    • "Tunnel Vision" (1993)
  • Harry's Mad (1993-96)
    • various episodes
  • EastEnders (1985)
    • Episode #? (14 April 2003)
    • Episode #? (7 July 2003)
    • Episode #? (23 February 2004)
    • Episode #? (5 August 2004)
    • Episode #? (30 September 2004)
    • Episode #? (19 December 2005)
    • Episode #3254 (2 November 2006)
  • Casualty (1986)
    • "Who Cares?" (14 August 2004)
  • Doctors (2000)
    • "A Suitable Alternative" (15 May 2001)
    • "A Twist of Fate" (4 September 2001)
    • "Neighbours" (28 September 2001)
    • "Good Companions" (22 November 2001)
    • "Cats" (11 March 2002)
    • "It Shouldn't Happen to a Doctor" (18 April 2002)
    • "Tears of a Clown" (21 May 2002)
    • "Happy Days Are Here Again" (5 September 2002)
    • "Stuck in the Middle" (11 October 2002)
    • "A Tangled Web" (4 February 2003)
    • "As Time Goes By" (4 April 2003)
    • "Physician Heal Thyself" (8 May 2003)
    • "Food Glorious Food" (10 June 2003)
    • "Deep Prejudice" (21 October 2003)
    • "Twins" (2 December 2003)
    • "Baby Doc" (9 February 2004)
    • "Holding the Baby" (17 March 2004)
    • "Room 101" (18 March 2004)
    • "Last Chance" (16 April 2004)
    • "In the House of the Dead" (5 October 2004)
    • "Dim Tresbasu" (6 January 2005)
    • "In the Library, with the Candlestick: Part 1" (3 March 2005)
    • "In the Library, with the Candlestick: Part 2" (4 March 2005)
    • "In Custody" (22 April 2005)
    • "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?" (23 November 2005)
    • "Abuse of Power" (17 March 2006)
    • "All in the Mind" (12 September 2006)
    • "Words Unspoken" (12 February 2007)
    • "Is You Is" (2 May 2007)
    • "Just Deserts" (25 July 2007)
    • "In a Hole" (5 October 2007)
    • "Hammer Blow" (17 December 2007)


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