Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham

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The Sheriff of Nottingham was historically the office responsible for enforcing law and order in Nottingham and bringing criminals to justice. For years the post has been directly appointed by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and in modern times with the existence of the police force, the position is entirely ceremonial and sustained to boost tourism due to the legendary connection to the tales of Robin Hood. However the historical position goes back to Anglo-Saxon times. The office is sometimes confused with that of the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire. Before this, during 1068 until 1449 the position existed as High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Royal Forests.


There is no record of an official with the specific duty of enforcing the law and keeping the peace in Anglo-Saxon England (although there undoubtedly was one). After the Norman Conquest, specific counties appointed sheriffs to enforce the law (such as Yorkshire for example), although sometimes the duties of these sheriffs would cross the border of their respective counties. Nottingham would have come under the "High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire" after the Norman Conquest.

In 1449, the city of Nottingham itself was appointed its own sheriff for the first time (although the post was held simultaneously between two men; William Sadler and Thomas Lyng). The sheriffs at that time may have been responsible for "the delivery of prisoners to the courts, the collection of rents and taxes and generally keeping the ‘King’s Peace’".

From 1450 until 1835, the office was shared between two people, one of whom may have been chosen by the Mayor, the other by the town council. The change to a single sheriff was explained by Lincoln city website merely as "Local Government changes". The article can be seen [ here] (possibly the Municipal Corporations Act 1835).

Present sheriff

The current Sheriff of Nottingham is Councillor Chente Arnaud who was sworn in during January 2008.

Past sheriffs

Past Sheriffs of Nottingham include Councillor Derek Cresswell, Labour Party. The office is considered largely ceremonial, promoting the city in tourism and business. There are interviews with [ Joan Casson] and [ John Hartshorne] both recent sheriffs, describing the role of the present-day Sheriff of Nottingham. There have been five female sheriffs, the first being in 1931, and the most recent in 2006.

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