List of Palestinian dishes

List of Palestinian dishes

The following is a list of Palestinian dishes. For the cuisine, see Palestinian cuisine.

Main dishes by region


*Kibbee balls - Minced meat in bulgur crust, fried into ball shapes
*"Kibbee bi-siniyyeh" - Oven baked kibbee
*"Kibbeh nayyeh" - Raw meat with bulgar, onions and spices
*"Shish taouk" - Chicken pieces on skewers
*"Ruz wa Lahme ma' Laban" - Mix of rice and lamb topped with a mildly spicy yogurt

West Bank

*"Musakhan" - Large taboon bread topped with sumac, onions and pepper, sometimes with roasted chicken(s) on top.
*"Maqluba" - An upside-down eggplant, rice, meat and cauliflower casserole


*"Fukharit 'adas" - Lentil stew flavored with red peppers, dill, garlic and cumin
*"Qidra" - Rice and meat pieces cooked with cloves, garlic and cardamom
*"Rummaniyya" - Mix of eggplant, pomegranate seeds, tahina, red peppers and garlic
*"Sumaghiyyeh" - Beef and chickpea stew flavored with sumac, tahina and red peppers.
*"Zibdieh" - Shrimp cooked with red peppers, garlic and peeled tomatoes


*"Musakhan" - Large taboon breads with chicken, onions, sumac, and allspice.
*"Waraq al-'anib" - Rice and minced meats rolled in grape leaves
*"Malfuf - Rice and minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves
*"Kousa Mahshi" - Rice and minced meat stuffed in zucchinis
*"Ari'ih" - Rice and minced meat stuffed in pumpkins
*"Mujaddara" - Lentil and bulgar casserole
*"Bamia" - Okra cooked with tomato sauce and onions
*"Mloukiyyeh - Corchorus stew
*"Maftul" - Large couscous like balls, garbanzo beans and chicken pieces cooked in chicken broth.
*"Fatta" - Dishes involving bread crumbs.
*"Shurbat freekeh" - Green wheat soup, usually with chicken.

Side dishes

Salads and dips

*Baba ghanoush - Aubergine salad
*Hummus - Ground garbanzo beans with tahina and olive oil
*Fattoush - Mixed leaf vegetable salad with pita bread pieces and sumac
*"Ful medames" - Ground fava beans and olive oil
*"Mutabbel" - Spicier version of aubergine salad
*Tabbouleh - Parsley and bulgar salad with diced tomatoes, onions and lemon juice
*Tahini - Ground wheat and semolina flour paste

Cheeses and yogurts

*Ackawi cheese - White salty and smooth table cheese
*Jibneh Arabieh - Any white table cheese
*Jameed - cheesecloth yogurt
*Labeneh - Strained yogurt
*Nabulsi cheese - Sweet white cheese



Bread dishes

*Falafel (could be served plain) - Fried hummus, spice and parsley ball
*Fatayer - Spinach, za'atar or beef pie
*Manakish - Taboon bread topped with za'atar and olive oil
*Sambusac - Fried dough balls stuffed with meat, pine nuts and onions
*Sfiha - Flat bread topped with beef and red peppers
*Shawarma - Pita bread roll of meat, tahini and various vegetables


*Arak - Anise flavored alcoholic beverage
*Qamar Eddine - Apricot juice
*Tamar hindi - Tamarind juice
*Kharroub - Carob juice

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