Break the Ice

Break the Ice

Infobox Single
Name = Break the Ice

Artist = Britney Spears
from Album = Blackout
B-side = "Everybody"
Released = March 28, 2008
(see release history)
Format = Airplay, CD single, digital download, maxi single, 5" single, 12" single
Genre = Electropop, urban pop
Length = 3:16 (Album/Main version)
Label = Jive
Writer = Marcella Araica, Nate "Danja" Hills, Keri Hilson, James Washington
Producer = Danja
Last single = "Piece of Me" (2007)
This single = "Break the Ice" (2008)
Next single = "Womanizer" (2008)
Misc =Extra track listing
Album = Blackout
prev_track = "Radar"
prev_no = 3
Type = single
this_track = "Break the Ice"
track_no = 4
next_track = "Heaven on Earth"
next_no = 5
"Break the Ice" is the third and final single by American pop singer Britney Spears from her album Blackout . Written by Nate "Danja" Hills, Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica, Keri Hilson and James Washington, it was produced by Danja for Spears' fifth studio album, "Blackout". The track was released as the third and final single from the album in the first quarter of 2008. Its accompanying music video features an Anime version of Spears.


Spears collaborated with Hills, Araica, Hilson and Washington for "Break the Ice", who were behind her comeback single, "Gimme More". The production team worked on the track when Spears was pregnant with her second child.Cite news |last=Vineyard |first=Jennifer |title=Britney Spears' New Album, Blackout: A Track-By-Track Report |url= |work=MTV Canada |publisher=CTV Globe Media |date=October 12, 2007 |accessdate=2008-01-20] A demo of the song leaked onto the Internet, entitled "It's Been A While".


"Break The Ice" is an uptempo-oriented electro track with heavily synthesized, breathy vocals.Cite web |last=Erlewine |first=Stephen Thomas |title=Album review: Blackout |url= |work=Allmusic |publisher=Macrovision Corporation |date= |accessdate=2008-01-20] The song runs for three minutes and sixteen seconds. It is composed in the key of F minor,Cite web |last= |first= |title=Break the Ice |url= |work= | |date= |accessdate=2008-04-10] and is set in common time. It is constructed in the common verse-chorus form. The spoken intro contains a dual meaning. She whispers, "It's been a while. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting. But I'm here now," which serves as an apology for being gone so long in the music industry, as well as away from her love interest in the song. The song speaks about a girl and a boy, with the former saying: "You're a little cold. Let me warm things up and break the ice." Spears' breathy vocals are layered when she sings "Hot, hot, hot, hot" in the choruses, and sound similar to that of her 2001 single, "I'm a Slave 4 U." She sings of the intensity of "breaking the ice," lyrically stating, "You've got my heart beating like an 808." Midway through the song, she halts, "I like this part," mimicking Janet Jackson's style in "Nasty." The heavy drum line drops and the song finalizes in a repeated chorus, with ad-libs included by Spears.


"Break The Ice" received positive responses from the critics. Kelefa Sanneh of "The New York Times" described it as a "rave-inspired flirtation." [Cite news |last=Sanneh |first=Kelefa |title=‘Miss Bad Media Karma’ Sings, Too |url= |work=The New York Times |publisher=The New York Times Company |date=October 29, 2007 |accessdate=2008-01-20] Allmusic's Stephen Thomas Erlewine referred to the song as a "stuttering electro-clip." Darryl Sterdan noted in Canadian-based website "... [Spears] brought a choir and one of Madonna's old synth-pop leftovers with her." [Cite web |last=Sterdan |first=Darryl |title=BLACKOUT Britney's back with a thud |url= |work=Jam Canoe |publisher=Canoe Inc. |date= |accessdate=2008-01-20] Digital Spy's Nick Levine awarded the song four stars out of a possible five, calling it Spears' "third cutting edge pop gem in a row."

Chart performance

Prior to its official release, "Break The Ice" appeared on several U.S. "Billboard" component charts on the week the host album debuted on the "Billboard" 200. It charted on the Pop 100 at number seventy-five, and on the Hot Digital Songs at number seventy-two. It also debuted on the "Billboard" Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart at number nine; this would be equivalent to number 109. The following week, "Break The Ice" fell out of all charts. When announced as the third single release from "Blackout", the song re-charted on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 on February 23, 2008, at number twenty-two, rose to number eight the following week, and peaked at number two on March 8, 2008. "Break the Ice" entered the official "Billboard" Hot 100 on March 15, 2008, at number one hundred. On April 26, 2008, it rose up to number forty-six, remaining at this position for another two weeks before moving up one position, and then rising to forty-three on the week of May 24. The song also reach the top position on the U.S. "Billboard" Hot Dance Club Play on May 29. This is Spears' third consecutive single to reach the top position on this chart.

On May 5, 2008, the track debuted at number forty-one on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, based on downloads alone. In its second week, it climbed to number thirty-eight, with the support of physical sales. In its third week, it jumped to number twenty-three, due to a large rise in physical sales. On June 2, 2008, the track dropped down to number twenty-six, and in its sixth week, dropped to number twenty-five. Compared to Spears previous two singles from "Blackout," which both peaked inside the top three on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, the track has failed to reach equal success. On May 18, 2008, however, after the single's physical release, the track debuted at number one on the Australian ARIA Dance Chart, making it the third consecutive Spears single to reach the chart's top position. The track remained in the number one spot for four consecutive weeks, until dropping down to number four on June 16, 2008, with Piece of Me still charting at number six. [ [ ARIA Dance Chart] ]

Prior to its rising download sales, "Break The Ice" charted on the UK Singles Chart at number thirty-six on March 31, 2008. From number twenty-three on April 14, 2008, the single rose to number fifteen on April 21, 2008, due to its physical release. Its disappointing peak position is attributed to the decision of Jive Records not to offer the physical single in Britain's most important CD seller, Woolworths. Spears' label calculated that people instead fall back on the album, "Blackout." Consequently, "Break The Ice" failed to enter the top ten, and became Spears' lowest charting single in the U.K.; it quickly moved down and fell out of the chart after ten weeks. On June 15, 2008, the song re-charted at number seventy-one, spending an eleventh week on the chart.

"Break The Ice" debuted on the Canadian Hot 100 on March 1, 2008, at number ninety-eight, and climbed up the chart the following weeks. On April 26, 2008, the single entered the top ten, reaching number nine as its peak position. On May 3, "Break The Ice" spent a second week in the top ten at number ten.

In New Zealand, the single debuted at number thirty-seven on April 7, 2008. That is three places lower than the entry position of its predecessor, "Piece of Me", which debuted at number thirty-four in late December 2007. "Break The Ice" fell out of the chart the following week, but re-charted on April 21, 2008, at number thirty-four. The single then fell out of the chart once again, and re-entered the following week at number forty, before moving up to thirty-three, and then to twenty-four where it peaked. "Break The Ice" spent a total of nine non-consecutive weeks on the chart.

Music video

Robert Hales directed Spears' first Anime music video. The music video premiered on the website, [ cite web | url= | title=Britney Spears’ “Break The Ice” Video To Premiere Today, Fandemonium Ensues | publisher=Rolling Stone | author=Daniel Kreps | date=2008-03-12 | accessdate=2008-03-13 ] a site designed to "serve as a virtual black tie premiere party" for the video. [ cite web | url= | title=Britney Drawn to Perfection | publisher=E! News | author=Natalie Finn | date=2008-03-12 | accessdate=2008-03-13 ] The video debuted on MTV's "Total Request Live" on March 17, as well as various British music channels. The video depicts an anime Spears breaking into a research facility, battling with suited henchmen, and successfully detonating clones of herself within the building. It ends with the phrase, "to be continued...."

This video has visuals lifted straight from popular anime such as Ghost in the Shell, Hellsing and numerous others.

The video has reached number one several times on the Latin American MTV Show, Los 10 Mas Pedidos South, as well as on the MTV Asia Top 20 Chart. The song and music video peaked at number three on the European Top 20. It proved to be a popular video throughout its release on MTV's Interactive Chart and Hits Top 30 shows.

Formats and track listings

Major commercial releases for "Break the Ice":

;European/UK 2-Track CD Single
#"Break The Ice" [Main version] - 3:16
#"Everybody" - 3:16

;Australian/Brazilian/European Maxi Single
#"Break The Ice" [Main version] - 3:16
#"Break The Ice" [Kaskade Remix] - 5:28
#"Break The Ice" [Tracy Young Mix] - 6:32
#"Break The Ice" [Tonal Remix] - 4:52
#"Break The Ice" [Music Video by Robert Hales] - 3:20;U.S. Digital Remix EP
#"Break The Ice" [Main version] - 3:16
#"Break The Ice" [Jason Nevins Rock Remix] - 3:16
#"Break The Ice" [Kaskade Remix] - 5:28

;iTunes Remixes - EP []
#"Break The Ice" [Jason Nevins Extended] - 6:18
#"Break The Ice" [Jason Nevins Dub] - 6:57
#"Break The Ice" [Mike Rizzo Generation Club] - 6:41
#"Break The Ice" [Mike Rizzo Generation Dub] - 7:14
#"Break The Ice" [Tracy Young Club] - 8:50
#"Break The Ice" [Tracy Young Dub] - 8:28

Release history

Official versions and remixes

*Main Version — 3:16
*Instrumental — 3:07
*Been A While (Demo Version) — 3:01
*Doug Grayson Radio Edit — 4:10
*Doug Grayson Remix — 4:42
*Urban Cyborg Mix (feat. Fabolous) — 3:40
*Jason Nevins Radio Remix — 3:11
*Jason Nevins Extended — 6:18
*Jason Nevins Dub — 6:57
*Jason Nevins Rock Remix — 3:16
*Soul Seekerz Club Mix — 6:10
*Soul Seekerz Edit — 2:55
*Soul Seekerz Dub — 8:24
*Soul Seekerz Dirty Club — 8:23
*Tonal Radio Edit — 3:53
*Tonal Remix — 4:52
*Wideboys Club Mix — 5:47
*Wideboys Edit — 3:05
*Wideboys Dub — 5:17
*Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Radio Edit — 3:34
*Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Radio Edit (demo) — 3:47
*Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club — 6:41
*Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Dub — 7:14
*Kaskade Radio Edit — 3:21
*Kaskade Remix — 5:28
*Tracy Young Club — 8:50
*Tracy Young Dub — 8:28
*Tracy Young Edit — 3:42
*Tracy Young Mixshow — 6:32


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align="left"|U.S. "Billboard" Pop 100
align="left"|U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play [ [ Billboard- Updated Album Charts from the most Trusted Music Magazine ] ]

Personnel and credits

*Vocals: Britney Spears
*Additional vocals: Jim Beanz & Keri Hilson
*Producers: Danja
*Recording: Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica
*Assistant: Mark Gray

*Mixing: Marcella Araica
*Additional programming: Marcella Araica
*Background vocals: Jim Beanz
*Additional background vocals: Keri Hilson
*Additional editing: Ron Taylor
*Production coordinators for Danjahandz Productions: David M. Ehrlich and Mike Evans


External links

* [ Britney Spears' "Break The Ice" Music Video]
* [ Britney Spears' official website]
* [ Britney Spears's Blackout official website]
* [ Official UK website]

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