Ignition (video game)

Ignition (video game)

Infobox VG| title = Ignition

developer = Unique Development Studios
publisher = Virgin Interactive
designer =
engine =
released = 1997
genre = Racing game
modes = Single player, multiplayer
ratings =
platforms = DOS/Windows PC
media = CD
requirements = 100 MHz Processor, 8Mb RAM
input =

Ignition is a PC game released in 1997 by Virgin Interactive. It features miniature cars, much like Death Rally.

Game features

There are MS-DOS and Windows versions. Both versions can be run in 320x240, 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions. The game features skid marks, smoke, sparks and fire effects. Ignition supports Audio CD playback during the game. Ignition can be controlled using keyboard, joypad, pedals or joystick. Also multiplayer using split screen (two players on one machine) or LAN in the Windows version is supported.The game is multilingual: English, Spanish, Italian and Swedish is supported.


You can race through 7 tracks with 11 different unique vehicles of your choice. Compete in a "Championship", "Single Race", "Time Trial" and "Pursue Mode".

Game Modes

* In the "Championship" mode, the player is to race on 5 to 7 tracks, three laps each and to earn most points. The player advances to the next track if he comes at least 3rd. If after racing all tracks player earns most points, he advances to the next difficulty level. The levels are: Novice (5 tracks), Amateur (6 tracks), Pro (7 tracks) and Mirror (7 tracks mirrored).

* "Single Race" is just simple race, three laps with 5 opponents.
* In "Time Trial" player is to beat the high scores: lap time and track time. In this mode when you race once on a track, the way you raced is recorded to "ghost", with which you will race to beat the highscore. "Ghost" is made so it does not spoil your race. You can share "ghosts" with your friends.
* In "Pursue Mode" every lap the last car to finish a lap is eliminated until a winner is found.

In every mode, on every track there are dynamic obstacles that can crash your vehicle and make you lose time to beat your opponents.

Also in every race best times for lap and track are saved for each track.

Every mode can be played in multiplayer.


The vehicles include:

* Coop (Mini Cooper)
* Evac (green emergency jeep)
* Enforcer (NYPD police car)
* Redneck (loosely based on a Ford Mustang 68 coupe)
* School bus
* Bug (Volkswagen Beetle)
* Smoke (a Truck head)
* Banana (yellow Porsche)
* Monster (Monster Truck)
* Vegas ('71 Dodge Demon)
* Ignition

The last four cars in the list become available as soon as corresponding difficulty level is completed.Each car has four characteristics (acceleration, turbo, speed and grip) which vary from car to car. "Evac" has the lowest "stats", while "Ignition", the car unlocked at the end of the game, has the highest.


* Moosejaw Falls (Canada)
* Gold Rush (USA)
* Snake Island (Australia)
* Lost Ruins (Mexico)
* Yodel Peaks (Austria)
* Cape Thor (Iceland)
* Tokyo Bullet (Japan)

The last two tracks become unlocked on the completion of Novice and Amateur difficulty levels accordingly.


These must be input at the main menu, a sound will confirm that code has worked:

* Banarne - Gives stretched cars.
* Surmule - Unlocks every track and difficulty setting.
* Slasktratt - Unlocks every car.

* Skunk - Hides the bodies of cars so all you see is four wheels.
* Svinpole - Lower camera angle and makes Ignition a full 3D game.
* Filmjolk - Ignition starts to Mirror itself.
* Strings - Flatten enemy cars by driving over them.


All tracks made by Christian Björklund.

External links

* [http://www.bobulous.org.uk/ignition/ Ignition] — the cars, the tracks, tips and FAQs.
*moby game|id=/Ignition|name="Ignition"

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