Petro (disambiguation)

Petro (disambiguation)

Petro is a naturally occurring liquid.

Petro may also refer to:

* Dan Petro, a loa in Vodou
* Petro-, a Greek term
* Ti-Jean Petro, a snake-loa in Haitian Vodou

People with the given name Petro:

* Petro Balabuyev (1931-2007), Ukrainian airplane designer
* Petro Doroshenko (1627-1698), Cossack political and military leader
* Petro Drevchenko (1863-1934), Ukrainian bandurist
* Petro Dyachenko (1895-1965), Ukrainian military commander
* Petro Dyminsky (21st century), chairman of Ukrainian football team FC Karpaty Lviv
* Petro Franko (1890-1941), Ukrainian educator and author
* Petro Georgiou (born 1947), Australian politician
* Petro Kalnyshevsky (1690-1803), last Koshovyi Otaman of the Zaporozhian Host
* Petro Kassui Kibe (1587-1639), Jesuit priest
* Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachny (1570-1622), political and civic leader
* Petro Mirchuk (1913-1999), Ukrainian writer
* Petro Poroshenko (born 1965), Ukrainian businessman and politician
* Petro Prokopovych (1775-1850), founder of commercial beekeeping
* Petro Shelest (1908-1996), First Secretary of the Communist party in the Ukrainian SSR
* Petro Symonenko (born 1952), first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine
* Petro Tkachenko (1878-1919), blind kobzar
* Petro Trochanowski (born 1947), Polish poet
* Petro Vlahos (21st century), Hollywood special effects pioneer
* Petro Voinovsky (1913-2003), Ukrainian nationalist
* Petro Zakhvalynski (1912-1943), Ukrainian nationalist

People with the surname Petro:

* Gustavo Petro (born 1960), Colombian leftist politician
* Jim Petro (born 1948), American politician
* Joe Petro III (born 1956), second generation fine artist
* Johan Petro (born 1986), French professional basketball player
* Joseph Petro (21st century), Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Citigroup Security and Investigative Services
* Titus Flavius Petro (1st century BC), Ancient Roman soldier

ee also

* Peter
* Petr
* Petra (disambiguation)
* Petre
* Petri
* Petro Express
* Petro-Nixon
* Petru

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