Knuckle Down

Knuckle Down

Infobox Album | Name = Knuckle Down
Type = studio
Artist = Ani DiFranco

Released = January 25, 2005
Recorded =
Genre = Indie rock
Folk rock
Length = 57:07
Label = Righteous Babe
Producer = Ani DiFranco
Joe Henry
Reviews =
*Slant Magazine Rating|3.5|5 [ link]
*Allmusic Rating|3.5|5 [ link]
*Rolling Stone Rating|3|5 [ link]
*"" (Positive) [ link]
Last album ="Educated Guess"
This album = "Knuckle Down"
(2005) | Next album = "Reprieve"

"Knuckle Down" is the fourteenth studio album by singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco. It is the first album that DiFranco has collaborated with a producer; Joe Henry. The record is also her first studio album to feature a string section. It is considered among her most accessible records, and compared to the stark "Educated Guess", it is more abundantly produced. [ [] " Review of Knuckle Down" Retrieved on 08-18-08 ]

Track listing

#"Knuckle Down" – 4:34
#"Studying Stones" – 3:53
#"Manhole" – 3:45
#"Sunday Morning" – 4:49
#"Modulation" – 4:31
#"Seeing Eye Dog" – 4:02
#"Lag Time" – 5:13
#"Parameters" – 5:58
#"Callous" – 5:46
#"Paradigm" – 4:33
#"Minerva" – 4:55
#"Recoil" – 5:08


*Ani DiFrancoguitar, vocals
*Jay Bellerosepercussion, drums
*Andrew Birdviolin, Glockenspiel, whistling
*Tony Scherrelectric guitar
*Todd SickafooseWurlitzer, string bass
*Patrick Warrenpiano, sampling, Chamberlin
*Julie Wolfmelodica
*Noe Venable – vocals
*Niki Haris – vocals


*Ani DiFranco – producer, design
*Greg Calbi – mastering
*S. "Husky" Hoskulds – engineer, mixing
*Jason Mott – engineer, assistant
*Danny Clinch – portrait photography
*Eric Frick – photography
*Brian Grunert – design




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