Characters in Call of Duty

Characters in Call of Duty

In the first person shooter series, "Call of Duty", the player is able to take control of a wide variety of characters including Sgt. Paul Jackson, [Sgt. John "Soap" McTavish, and Lieutenant Price in the most recent release of the game. Also, many non-playable characters appear, with the responsibility of aiding the character through many tight spots throughout the length of the game. Some also purely appear for the sake of the player and the game's plot.

Recurring Characters

*flagicon|USA|1912 Capt. Foley (Baker Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division)Appears in Call of Duty and its expansion pack, . He led the fictional Baker Company during the Normandy invasion and led the unit in Bastogne. He usually takes the role of squad leader in the American missions.

"Capt. Foley is voiced by Steven Blum."

*flagicon|USA|1912 Sgt. Moody (Baker Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division)Appears in Call of Duty and its expansion pack, . Acts as a second-in-command to Foley in Baker Company, and usually takes the role of squad leader in missions where he is absent. He is easily recognized by his burly voice. He is also a skilled driver, as proven in both games. It's implied he became part of 2nd battalion by the time of United Offensive due to the helmet insignia he has; but this could be considered as an error. Also he can be killed in the Brecourt mission if the player fails to provide cover for him but the mission still goes on and in the Chataeu mission he appears to be perfectly fine.

"Sgt. Moody is voiced by Gregg Berger

*flagicon|UK Capt. PriceAppears in "Call of Duty", "Call of Duty 2" and "Call of Duty 4". He is easily recognized by his trademark red sideburns and handlebar mustache. This character is noted for having three different incarnations and is a staple character for the Call of Duty games developed by Infinity Ward.

:*The first incarnation acts as the player's squad leader, who is recruited by the Special Air Service (SAS) along with the player. He is later freed from a manor by American troops after being captured in Austria along with Maj. Ingram. This version of Price is killed on board the Battleship Tirpitz while infiltrating it disguised as a Kriegsmarine officer.:*The second incarnation in Call of Duty 2 acts as an officer in the 7th Armoured Division and is the players' squad leader in most missions. He has a smaller role in this game. :*The third incarnation is in Call of Duty 4 as a SAS officer, seemingly descended from his WWII counterpart. He is the players' squad leader in parts of the game, as well as being a playable character in a flash back mission. At the end of the game he is severely wounded by an explosion and loses consciousness. A Russian soldier desperately attempts to revive him. His fate is unknown as the camera shifts and transitions to the final cutscene.

"Capt. Price is voiced by Michael Gough in "COD" and "COD 2", and by Billy Murray in "COD 4"." Zied Rieke, lead designer of "Call of Duty 2", refers to Price as his "favorite character."cite web| url =| title = Call of Duty 2 Q&A - Story, Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, AI| publisher = GameSpot| date = 2005-05-02| accessdate = 2008-04-25]

*flagicon|UK Maj. Gerald Ingram (Special Operations Executive)Appears in Call of Duty, its expansion pack, and Call of Duty 3. In Call of Duty, he is freed from an Austrian POW camp by American troops after being captured along with Price. In United Offensive, he is first encountered working with the Dutch resistance, saving Sgt. Doyle from a German patrol and recruiting him into the SOE, also leading the raid on Sicily. In Call of Duty 3, he and the player work together with the French resistance in Normandy. Ingram looks significantly older than most other NPCs, due to him being in his 40s.

"Maj. Ingram is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes in the first two games, and by Mark Deklin in "COD 3"."

*flagicon|UK Sergeant James Doyle

Sergeant Doyle is one of three player protagonists in the expansion pack and is the only player character to appear in multiple Call of Duty games (with Call of Duty 3 being his second game). In United Offensive, he was a gunner for the British Royal Air Force No. 90 Squadron who helped facilitate a bombing run before his Lancaster Bomber fell apart from enemy fire. Shortly after being shot down, Doyle was rescued by Major Gerald Ingram and helped destroy a train bridge in Holland with Ingram and local resistance. Shortly after, Ingram noticed that Doyle had great potential and requested for him to undergo S.O.E. training. Shortly after being inducted into S.O.E., Doyle, Ingram, and a British Commando squad infiltrate Sicily to destroy artillery batteries, a mission which was a success with Doyle and Ingram being the sole survivors of the operation.

In Call of Duty 3, Doyle and Ingram work together with the French resistance in Normandy.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Private Alavi

Appears in Call of Duty 2 and . In Call of Duty 2, he is enlisted in D Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion meanwhile in Call of Duty 4, he is enlisted in United States Marine Corps. Probably modeled after the Infinity Ward developer Mohammad Alavi.

Other Characters

"Call of Duty"

*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt. Martin (506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division)

The first player protagonist of Call of Duty. Martin was first parachuted behind enemy lines to secure a dropzone for the invasion in the town of St. Mere Eglise before being rejoined by his commanding officer Captain Foley. Martin participates in capturing and defending the city, as well as disabling artillery guns firing on the beachheads in Brecourt, as well as rescuing Captain Price and Major Ingram in the Bavarian Alps. Martin also participates in a search-and-destroy mission of hidden German bunkers in Bastogne.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt. Elder (82nd Airborne Division)Befriended the player sometime during basic training, and fights alongside him in several missions. He can easily hotwire any car, and is often critical of Sgt. Moody. He can be killed on a mission to destroy an 88mm gun battery, depending on the players' actions.

Pvt. Elder is voiced by Giovanni Ribisi.

*flagicon|UK Sgt. Evans (Special Air Service, Special Operations Executive)

The second player protagonist of Call of Duty. Evans participates in the capture and defense of Pegasus Bridge alongside Captain Price in Normandy until being relieved by friendly allied forces. Shortly after the defense of the bridge, Price and Evans are transferred to the Special Operations Executive working with Sergeant Waters on a sabotage mission to destroy Eder Dam, and the Battleship Tirpitz. Some time after Captain Price's demise, Evans and Waters spearhead an operation to destroy V2 rockets in the vicinity of Burgsteinfurt, Northwest Germany.

*flagicon|UK Sgt. Waters (Special Air Service, Special Operations Executive)Waters is first encountered on the mission to destroy the Eder Dam. He is a veteran SAS operative and can operate several vehicles, ranging from small motor boats to transport aircraft. He assumes command in the final British mission, following Cpt. Price's demise.

Sgt. Waters is voiced by Jason Statham.

*flagicon|USSR|1923 Pvt./Junior Sergeant Alexei Ivanovich (13th Guards Rifle Division)

The third player protagonist of Call of Duty. Alexei participates in the Battle of Stalingrad by retaking the town square as well as defending Pavlov's House. Shortly after Stalingrad, Alexei has been deployed to Kursk until being requested to capturing and securing a tank facility in Warsaw. Alexei then was requested to be a tank commander for the push through Oder River before returning to his unit for the final push to Berlin. Alexei helps capture and secure the Reichstag.

*flagicon|USSR|1923 Sgt. Yakov Pavlov (13th Guards Rifle Division)Based on the real-life Sgt. Yakov Pavlov. He commands the player during the Pavlov's House mission, based on a real-life event.

Sgt. Pavlov is voiced by Michael Bell.


*flagicon|USA|1912 Corporal Scott Riley (506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division)

The first player protagonist of United Offensive. Riley participates throughout the entire Bastogne campaign by defending Bois Jacques, capturing and securing the crossroads and town of Foy, and capturing Noville.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Private Ender (506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division)

A soldier who served in Fox Company for the first mission of the game. Ender initially goes on a patrol with Sergeant Moody and Corporal Riley and gets wounded while the three escape pursuit by German forces. Ender's never heard from again as squad medics tend to his wound.

pvt whitney

pvt anderson

Ender is voiced by Quinton Flynn.

*flagicon|USSR|1923 Pvt. Yuri Petrenko (13th Guards Rifle Division (permanent), 5th Guards Tank Army (temporary))

The third playable protagonist in United Offensive. Petrenko participates in the entire Battle of Kursk by defending their trench bases, securing Ponyri, destroying German armor in Prokhorovka, and assaulting and defending Kharkov until the arrival of Soviet reinforcements.

*flagicon|USSR|1923 Sgt. Antonov (13th Guards Rifle Division)

The player's squad leader during the Battle of Kursk. Antonov survives the entire conflict.

"Call of Duty 2"

"Call of Duty 2" features a number of new and "better-looking" characters. They include:

*flagicon|USSR|1923 Lt. Dimitri Volsky (13th Guards Rifle Division)Officer who commands the player's platoon in the Soviet missions.

*flagicon|USSR|1923 Pvt. Vasili Ivanovich Koslov (13th Guards Rifle Division)The first player protagonist of Call of Duty 2. Vasili participates in the winter battle of Stalingrad.
*flagicon|USSR|1923 Pvt. Pavel Semenov (13th Guards Rifle Division)One of Vasili's comrades during the Russian campain. Pavel's Biggest role was using his helmet to identify the German Sniper.

*flagicon|UK Sgt. John Davis. (7th Armoured Division)

The second player protagonist of Call of Duty 2. Davis participates in the North Africa campaign, as well as recapturing Caen in the Normandy campaign.

*flagicon|UK Pvt. MacGregor (7th Armoured Division)A hot-tempered, Scottish, bearded soldier who fights alongside the player in most British missions. He is famously known for his quarrels with Capt. Price, (The Call of Duty 2 version) and his rotten driving of any commandeered vehicles. He also sports a tartan, tucked into his belt at the waist, but, ironically, this isn't the actual version of the Clan Gregor tartan.

Pvt. MacGregor is voiced by James Patrick Stuart.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Corporal/Sgt. Bill Taylor (Dog Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion)

The third player protagonist of Call of Duty 2. Taylor participates in the battle of Normandy by destroying Artillery guns and securing Pointe du Hoc and holding it, assaulting a farm silo, and assaulting Hill 400. Taylor then participates in the crossing of the Rhine River.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Sgt./Lt. Randall (Dog Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion)Randall is first encountered when he saves the players' life at Pointe du Hoc. He leads the players' squad in the American missions. He is promoted to Lieutenant by the battalion commander in the final mission, and recommends the Cpl. Taylor for promotion to Sergeant.

Sgt. Randall was voiced by Nolan North.


*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt./Cpl./Sgt. Roland J. Roger (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)

Pvt. Roland Roger is the first-person character in the Single Campaign of Call of Duy 2: Big Red One, you play as him in all the missions, though his name is not known unless the owner has the special addtion boxset. In the normal version, Sgt Hawkins commonly calls you just 'Private' or 'Corporal'. He is promoted to Corporal after 'Piano Lupo' and promoted to Seregant after 'An Easy Detail'.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Sgt. Glenn "Hawk" Hawkins (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Hawkins supported his mother and two sisters through high school after their father left them. He has a stoic demeanour and is a man of few words. He does have a dry wit that helps him bond with his men. He commands the squad that includes the main character, Pvt. Denley, Pvt. Kelly and Pvt. Bloomfield. He was wounded in the chapters "Counterattack", "Piano Lupo", and finally in "An Easy Detail", by enemy machine gunners while trying to break down a fence. After being wounded for the third time, he either was sent home or died of his wounds and Cpl. Roger is promoted to sergeant.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt./Cpl. Alvin "Brooklyn" Bloomfield (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)Despite his nickname, Bloomfield is actually from the Bronx. He is the youngest of a Jewish family where his mother kept the house while his father ran a deli. He is a New York Yankees baseball fan and would skip school whenever possible to watch his favorite player, Joe DiMaggio, play ball. He admits he "don't got the smarts" [(Activision)] and enlisted so he wouldn't have to go to college. At first he wanted to join the Air Force, but he was too short. He was promoted to Corporal in "An Easy Detail", but is later killed in action in the "Dragon's Teeth" chapter by a mortar round, while trying to cut some barbed wire.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt./Cpl./Sgt. Stephen Kelly (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Kelly led an affluent life as the only child of a wealthy and respected surgeon. Graduating at the top of the class, he went to study English and French Literature at Yale University before being drafted after his second year at school. He always loved to read and kept a journal of his thoughts. A thin 20-year old kid with red hair and glasses. He gets promoted to corporal after "Farewell To Friends" and later to sergeant after "An Easy Detail".

*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt. Victor "Vic" Denley (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)Denley spent his formative years in small town Jean, Texas where his father was a mechanic who ran the local filling station. He attended school at Wichita Falls, and while he never made much of a mark with his grades, he was one hell of a line-backer for the state-ranked Bulldogs. He enlisted with the intention of "tearin' off Hitler's moustache and shoving it up his..." He is a notoriously bad shot. It took him an entire clip to hit a practice target only 45 feet away. He was killed in action in Troina, Italy in the "Farewell to Friends" chapter, while breaking down a door with an enemy machine gunner behind it.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Lt./Capt. Norman Delaney (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)Originally from Chicago, Delaney was a born leader. His father a decorated WWI Lieutenant, encouraged his son to take the challenge at the West Point's demanding curriculum. He quickly excelled there, and became obsessed with the tactics of war. One thing that sets Lt. Delaney apart is his ability to remember the names and stories of every soldier under his command.

*flagicon|USA|1912 Pvt./Cpl. John Jackson "Schmitty" Smith (16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)Born and raised outside of Cleveland, Schmitty was always good with his hands. His father worked in a bank and his mother was an elementary school teacher, but he was never happy unless he was fixing a piece of machinery. Long before the war in Europe, Schmitty was a mechanic in the Artillery Division where he fixed guns and vehicles for several years. However the 1st Infantry Division needed replacements and he was suddenly heading into battle without a day of training to replace Pvt. Denley. His time fixing wrecked machinery has left a bit doughy. He is promoted to corporal after "An Easy Detail".

"Call of Duty 4"

*flagicon|UK Sgt. John "Soap" MacTavish (Special Air Service) "(Playable)"

A SAS recruit fresh out of selection, Soap is one of the two major player characters in the game. Soap fights alongside Gaz and Capt. Price in every SAS and SAS/USMC joint missions. In the final mission, after his squad is annihilated and he is wounded, Soap is given a pistol by Capt. Price and uses it to kill Zakhaev and his two bodyguards. As Russian Loyalist forces arrive to provide assistance Soap seems to pass out; It is unknown whether or not Soap survives.

*flagicon|UK Capt. Price (Special Air Service) "(Playable In Flash Back Only)"

This is his largest game role in the Call of Duty series so far. Captain Price was born in the 1960's and is an experienced soldier. He is a playable character in the missions "All Ghillied Up" and "One Shot, One Kill" in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In the flashback, he serves under Capt. Macmillan as a lieutenant and is sent on a mission to assassinate Imran Zakhaev. Zakhaev has been known to steal radioactive material from the Chernobyl disaster area and sell it to insurgents to make weapons. Price shoots Zakhaev with a Barrett M82 sniper rifle, but Zakhaev survives with the loss of his left arm. At the end of the game, Price is seriously wounded and loses consciousness. As the screen turns away, a Russian medic performs CPR on his limp body; his fate is left ambiguous.

Captain Price is voiced by Billy Murray.

*flagicon|USA Sgt. Paul Jackson (Marine Corps Force Recon) "(Playable)"

One of the two player protagonists. Sgt. Jackson is a U.S. Marine in Lt. Vasquez's Force Recon squad. Along with Vasquez and Griggs, Jackson searches for Khaled al-Asad while removing his forces from the city. During a mission the team is told that there is nuclear warhead in al-Asad's palace and that they need to evacuate the area. During the evacuation a nearby helicopter is shot down. Only one pilot survives the crash. Jackson's team decides to rescue the soldier despite the risk of being in range of the warheads explosion in the event it activates. The team manages to rescue the soldier but shortly after getting their helicopter back in the air the nuclear warhead is activated and releases a nuclear explosion that levels the entire city. Jackson helicopter is caught in the explosion and crashes. While the rest of the team is killed, Jackson manages to survive the crash. He crawls out of the wreckage and staggers painfully through the now-ruined city. After a short while, Jackson succumbs to his wounds and the intense radiation, collapses, and dies. A white light consumes the screen and he is listed as killed in action. If Jackson manages to walk towards the ruined playground before he dies, the player can hear the faint echoes of children playing. He and his team are the first U.S. Marines featured in the Call of Duty series.

*flagicon|UK "Gaz" (Special Air Service)

A veteran SAS operative however his rank is never actually stated. He is the supposed joker of the team. He fights alongside the player and Capt. Price in the British missions. He instructs the player in basic training and holds the record time of 19 seconds for completing the SAS obstacle course. (Soap, however, can beat his record.) Gaz is incapacitated, then is shot in the head at point blank range by Zakhaev at the end of the game.

He is voiced by Craig Fairbrass.

*flagicon|USA Lt. Vasquez (Marine Corps Force Recon)

Vasquez is the players' squad leader during the American missions. Lt. Vasquez was modeled on an actual U.S. Marine stationed in Camp Pendelton. He is killed in the same nuclear explosion as Sgt. Paul Jackson when the CH-46 Sea Knight crashlands.

He is voiced by David Sobolov.

*flagicon|USA SSgt. Griggs (Marine Corps Force Recon)

Griggs is Vasquez' second-in-command, and the squad's SAW gunner. He escapes the nuclear explosion that killed many Marines, and joins forces with Cpt. Price's team to continue the fight against Imran Zakhaev. He is later shot in the head while trying to drag a wounded Soap away from enemy fire.

SSgt. Griggs is voiced by Infinity Ward developer Mark Grigsby and modeled after Grigsby. Grigsby performs an in-character rap over the end credits.

*flagicon|UK Capt. MacMillan (Special Air Service)

Capt. MacMillan is an SAS sniper hailing from Scotland and Capt. Price's mentor and superior officer. He leads Price on a mission to assassinate Imran Zakhaev 15 years before Call of Duty 4's main plot. (This event takes place ten years after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, as noted by Captain Price, therefore the year of the mission is 1996, and the main events of the game take place 15 years later, presumably in 2011.) The mission is thought to be a success (but Price eventually discovers that it was a failure, 15 years into the future). MacMillan is injured as the two attempt to retreat, but Price carries him to safety on board a helicopter.

Capt. MacMillan is voiced by Zach Hanks.
*flagicon|UK Unknown Epilogue SAS Soldier (Special Air Service) "(Playable in "Mile High Club" level only)"

This unknown soldier from the SAS is seen only in the epilogue. In the epilogue he and three other SAS soldiers (whose names are Echo, Charlie and Romeo) save a russian VIP from a plane that has been hijacked by the Ultranationalists. While his name is never revealed, the character may be Soap MacTavish. However, there is no evidence of this since Soap's fate at the end of COD4 is never stated.

*flagicon|UK Pvt. Griffen (Special Air Service)

The Private who is apart of Sgt. Soaps company that boards the Russian Cargo Ship in the Prologue mission. He is loaded onto the ships deck, and briefly engages combat with two Russian soldiers before he is ordered (Alongside one, Pvt. Wallcroft) to keep the deck on watch while Capt. Price, Gaz and Soap (aswell as an extra randomly named soldier), make there way down to the bottom of the Ship. He is heard talking later on to the company, warning them to get onto the deck, as it is under attack by Russian MiGs. He is never seen again. However, there are many random soldiers in the future with the names Griffin, this can easily be mistaken for Griffen as E is exchanged for I.

He is named after, and voiced by James Griffen a 3D Enviroment designer for the game.

*flagicon|RUS Sgt. Kamarov (Russian Loyalists)

Sgt. Kamarov leads the loyalist Russian troops in combat when they fight alongside the players' SAS team. He also leads the rescue mission to save the player in the final mission.

*flagicon|RUS "Nikolai" (Russian Loyalists)

Nikolai is a Russian informant working for the British who had infiltrated the Ultranationalist camp, but was discovered and captured. He is freed by the SAS and relocated to Hamburg, providing valuable information to them, especially the location of Khaled al-Asad.

Nikolai is voiced by Joshua LaCross.

*flagicon|RUS Imran Zakhaev (Russian Ultranationalists)

Zakhaev is the main antagonist of Call of Duty 4. He is the source of the nuclear weapon that kills a number of US Marines towards the beginning of the game. He was assumed dead by the SAS when Lt. Price (playable character in the flashback mission) snipes his arm clean off during a weapons trade 15 years before the events of Call of Duty 4. At the end of the game Zakhaev attacks and kills nearly all of the team. Capt. Price slides Soap his sidearm; as Zakhaev turns to finish him off, Soap shoots him to death. (it is also noted that he is seen in the prologue scene wherein the president of the unnamed Middle-eastern country is executed, with Zakhaev inspecting him and giving Khaled al-Asad the pistol which kills him).
*flagicon|RUS Victor Zakhaev (Russian Ultranationalists)Victor Zakhaev is Imran Zakhaev's son and leader of the ultranationalists on the field. In an attempt to locate Imran Zakhaev, Victor Zakhaev was chased through southern Russia. When Victor is cornered on a hotel roof he shoots himself in the head. Before he does so, however, he hatefully states, in non-subtitled Russian, that "You are all soon going to die anyway". (It is also noted that Victor is seen in the opening scene wherein he guards president al-Fulani as he is taken to where he is to be executed.)

*Khaled al-Asad (Un-named Middle-Eastern resistance) Khaled al-Asad is the head of the unnamed Middle-eastern country in which US military operations take place. He claimed power after a violent coup, which led to the execution of the current President, Yasir al-Fulani in an unknown Arab country, claiming that the government is submitting to western nations. He is in league and supported by the leader of the Ultranationalist Party in Russia, who are attempting to take over through civil war. It is al-Asad himself who shoots President al-Fulani. al-Asad is captured in his Azerbaijan safehouse, but resists interrogation. After his Mobile phone rings with a call from Zakhaev, Capt. Price immediately realizes that Zakhaev survived his assassination attempt fifteen years earlier, and promptly shoots al-Asad in the head.

Action figures

In 2004, Activision, Plan-B Toys, and Radioactive Clown worked on the "Call of Duty: Series 1" line of action figures, including three American (82nd Airborne: Operation Market Garden, 101st Airborne: D-Day Paratrooper, and 101st Airborne: Bastogne) and three German (Totenkopf Division Officer, Das Reich Division: Ardennes Offensive, and Wiking Division: Eastern Front). [cite web| url =| title = Activision, Plan-B Toys, Radioactive Clown Enlist for "Call of Duty"| publisher = GameZone| date = 2004-04-06| accessdate = 2008-04-25] While The American G.I. action figure was made in 2004, [cite web| author = James Cunningham| url =| title = TNL Show and Tell: Call of Duty Action Figure| publisher = The Next Level| date = 2004-09-24| accessdate = 2008-04-25] Plan B Toys discontinued a controversial Nazi SS guard action figure "based on the Nazi Totenkopf" in "Call of Duty". [cite web| url =| title = Call of Duty Nazi action figure discontinued| publisher = Kotaku| date = | accessdate = 2008-04-25]


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