EHP spectral sequence

EHP spectral sequence

In mathematics, the EHP spectral sequence is a spectral sequence used for inductively calculating the homotopy groups of sphereslocalized at some prime "p". It is described in more detail in harvtxt|Ravenel|2003|loc=chapter 1.5 and harvtxt|Mahowald|2001. It is related to the EHP long exact sequence of harvtxt|Whitehead|1953; the name "EHP" comes from the fact that Whitehead named 3 of the maps of his sequence "E", "H", and "P".

For "p" = 2 the spectral sequence uses some exact sequences associated to the fibration harv|James|1957:S^n(2) ightarrow Omega S^{n+1}(2) ightarrow Omega S^{2n+1}(2)(where Ω stands for a loop space and the (2) is localization of a topological space at the prime 2).This gives a spectral sequence with E1"k","n" term π"k"+"n"("S"2"n"−1(2)) and converging to π*"S"(2) (stable homotopy of spheres localized at 2). The spectral sequence has the advantage that the input is previously calculated homotopy groups. It was used by harvtxt|Oda|1977 to calculate the first 31 stable homotopy groups of spheres.

For arbitrary primes one uses some fibrations found by harvtxt|Toda|1962: :widehat S^{2n}(p) ightarrow Omega S^{2n+1}(p) ightarrow Omega S^{2pn+1}(p): S^{2n-1}(p) ightarrow Omega widehat S^{2n}(p) ightarrow Omega S^{2pn-1}(p)where widehat S^{2n} is the 2"np" − 1 skeleton of the loop space Omega S^{2n+1}. (For "p" = 2, widehat S^{2n} is the same as S^{2n}, so Toda's fibrations at "p" = 2 are same same as the James fibrations.)


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