Raver (disambiguation)

Raver (disambiguation)

Raver may refer to:

* Raver - a party-goer. In 1960s British youth culture: a "party animal". Since the 1980s: an attendee at musical rave events
* The Raver - a music gossip column published in the 1960s and 1970s in the consumer music weekly Melody Maker and now as an online column
* The Ravers - the original name for 1970s new wave band The Nails
* The Ravers - the name of a team of super-heroes in a short-lived 1990s comic-book series "Superboy and the Ravers"
* Raver, Maharashtra - a city in India

In names:

* Kim Raver (born 1969), American actress
* Lorna Raver (born 1953), American actress

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*Rave (disambiguation)

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