Samaratungga was the head of the Sailendra dynasty whom ruled Srivijaya in the 8th and the 9th century. During his administration, the construction of Buddhist temple Borobudur was completed. Samaratungga married Dewi Tara, the princess of Srivijayan ruler Dharmasetu, which created close political alliance between the Sailendras and Srivijaya.

Samaratungga had one son by the name of Balaputra and one daughter Pramodhawardhani. After Samaratungga died, Pramodhawardhani married the Shivaite Rakai Pikatan from Sanjaya dynasty. Rakai Pikatan managed to usurp Balaputra's authority over Central Java and forced the Saleidras to flee Java for Palembang.

Under the reign of Samaratungga too, Jayavarman II was appointed as the governor of Indrapura in the Mekong delta. Jayavarman later revoked his allegiance to the Sailedras and Srivijaya to form the Khmer Empire.

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