Gram (disambiguation)

Gram (disambiguation)

Gram is a unit of measurement of mass. Otherwise, "gram" may refer to:

  • -gram, the Greek-based suffix meaning "drawing" or "representation."




Mythology and fiction

  • Gram (mythology), a sword in Norse mythology
  • Gram of Denmark, a legendary Danish king
  • Gram (Middle-earth), a King of Rohan from J. R. R. Tolkien's fiction
  • Mount Gram (Middle-earth), a fictional place in Tolkien's writings
  • Grams: Penny Halliwell, grandmother of the Charmed Ones on the WB television series Charmed
  • The name given to the lance of Gallantmon.

Science and technology

  • Gram staining, a method of distinguishing bacteria; Gram negative or Gram positive distinguish bacterial groups based upon their response to this method.
  • Gram Commercial A/S, a Danish major appliance manufacturer.
  • GRAM domain, a domain found in some membrane-associated proteins
  • Grid Resource Allocation Manager, a component of the Globus Toolkit in grid computing
  • Gramian matrix, used in mathematics to test for linear independence of functions
  • GRAM, Graphic (GPL) Random Access Memory, a variant of Random Access Memory used in the TI-99/4A
  • Gramian age, used in geology for a time period in the late Miocene in Northern Germany

Agriculture and horticulture

See also

  • Gran (disambiguation)
  • Grandmother
  • Graham (disambiguation)
  • Gramm (disambiguation)

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