She (disambiguation)

She (disambiguation)

She is the third person singular, feminine, nominative case pronoun in Modern English.

It can also can refer to:


*SHE, standard hydrogen electrode, against which all other half-cell potentials are measured
*SHE, super-heavy element, or transuranium element
*SHE, Système Hydrologique Européen, a hydrology transport model



*She people, an ethnic group of China
*She, transliteration of Chinese family names 佘, 奢, and others
*Empress She (died 397), an empress of the Later Qin


*She County, Anhui, China
*She County, Hebei, China
*SHE, IATA International Airport Code for Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

H. Rider Haggard novel and film adaptations

* "She" (novel), by H. Rider Haggard, first serialized in 1886
**"She", a 1925 silent film adaptation of the novel, starring Betty Blythe
**"She" (1935 film), an adaptation starring Helen Gahagan
**"She" (1965 film), an adaptation starring Ursula Andress
**"She", a 1982 film adaptation starring Sandahl Bergman

Irish mythology

*She or Shee, phonetic spelling of the Gaelic "Sídhe", or "Aos Sí"



*S.H.E, a Taiwanese girl band


*"she" (Dalbello album), released 1987
*"She" (album), a 1994 release by Harry Connick, Jr.
*"She" (Maldoror album), released 1999
*"She" (Stiltskin album), released 2006


*"She", a song by The Monkees on their 1967 album, "More of The Monkees"
*"She", a song by Gram Parsons and Chris Ethridge from the 1973 release "GP" (album)
*"She" (Charles Aznavour song), a 1974 single
*"She", a song by Kiss from their 1975 release, "Dressed to Kill" (album)
*"She" (The Misfits song), a 1977 song about Patty Hearst first released on the 7" single, "Cough/Cool"
*"She" (Green Day), a song from the 1994 album "Dookie"
*"She," a song by The Sundays from their 1997 album "Static and Silence"
*"She" (Groove Coverage song), a song from their 2004 album "7 Years and 50 Days"
*"She", a song by Saves the Day on their 2003 release In Reverie.


*SHE, station code for Sherborne railway station, Dorset, England


*"She" ("Angel"), a 2000 episode of the television series "Angel"

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