Indic Computing

Indic Computing

Indic Computing means "computing in Indic i.e. Indian Scripts and Languages. It involves developing software in Indic Scripts/languages, Input methods, Localization of computer applications, web development, Database Management, OCR, Spell-checkers, Speech to Text and Text to Speech applications etc. in Indian languages.

Most of the Indic scripts now a days use Unicode for working on Computers and Internet. In Unicode 5.0 following Indian Scripts has been encoded:

*Bengali script
*Syloti Nagri

A lot of Indic Computing projects are going on. It involves some Government sector companies, some volunteer groups and individual people.

Government Sector



Volunteer Groups


Input Methods




* [ Ekya] : Indic Transliteration Bookmarklets let you type anywhere on the web.





Indic Blogging

Akshargram Network


Indic Programming Languages

Hindi Programming Language

Hindawi Programming System


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