Peneuş River

Peneuş River

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country = Romania
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district = Argeş County
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source_elevation =
source_length =
mouth_name = Cumpăniţa
mouth_location =
mouth_district =
mouth_region =
mouth_state =
mouth_country =
mouth_lat_d =
mouth_lat_m =
mouth_lat_s =
mouth_lat_NS =
mouth_long_d =
mouth_long_m =
mouth_long_s =
mouth_long_EW =
mouth_elevation =
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The Peneuş River is a tributary of the Cumpăniţa River in Romania.


* Administraţia Naţională Apelor Române - Cadastrul Apelor - Bucureşti
* Institutul de Meteorologie şi Hidrologie - Rîurile României - Bucureşti 1971

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