Pineios River (Thessaly)

Pineios River (Thessaly)

:"See also Pineios River (Peloponnese)."

The Pineiós (Greek: , also "Peneus") is a river in Thessaly, Greece.

The river is named after the god Peneus and was known for most of the 1000s as the Salambria. It flows from the Pindus mountains and empties into the Aegean Sea, northeast of Tempe, near Stomio. It creates a large delta, well-known for its beauty and for many animal species, protected by international environmental treaties. The total length is 216 km and it begins in the north at the Pindus ranges east of Metsovo. The Meteora region and the cities of Trikala and Larissa lie along the Pineiós. In the 1960s, a freeway connecting Athens and Thessaloniki was constructed in much of the Tempe valley, but it didn't harm this special environment.

The battleship "Pineios" is named after the river.

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