Graphic Communication

Graphic Communication

Graphic Communication is the process of creating, producing, and distributing material incorporating words and images to convey data, concepts, and emotions. These materials enhance learning, enjoyment, motivation, and commerce. The field covers all phases of the process from creation through distribution of physical or electronic data.

Paraphrased from a statement by the International Graphic Arts Education Association ["|date=November 2007 --~~~~"]

Graphic communication is an optional subject studied in Scotland. its main purpose is to introduce students to making architectural drawings - both manual and elecronically. In addition to teaching DTP and manual publishing.

The Graphic communication course is pitched at many different levels:
* Intermediate 1
* Intermediate 2
* Higher
* Advanced higher

All of these subjects are defined and assessed by the SQA [ Scottish Qualifications Authority

tandard Grade Graphic Communication

The Standard Grade Graphic Communication course consists of three elements;

* Knowledge and Interpretation
* Drawing Ability
* Illustration and Presentation

The Knowledge and Interpretation element and the Drawing Ability elements are externally assessed in the Final Exam.

The Knowledge and Interpretation element is a theory section which conatins many topics including; Building Drawings, Circuit Diagrams, Flowcharts, Safety Symbols and Public Notices, Computer Aided Graphics (CAG), Colour Theory and Reading and Interpreting Complex Drawings.

The Drawing Abiliy element is a practical drawing section which also contains many topics under two main areas - Orthographic Drawing and Pictorial Drawing. Orthographic Drawing includes; basic, prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, assembly drawings and sectional views. Pictorial Drawing includes; isometric, planometric, cabinet oblique, exploded views, sectional views, asssembly drawings, one point perspective and two point perspective.

The Illustration and Presentation element is produced throughout the course through making a folio of work which is sent away to the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority). This folio must contain work showing; use and section of colour, "shading, toning, rendering", layout and lettering, graphs and charts, modelling, use of CAD library, use of CAD, CAG for display, display and overall draughtsmanship.

All three elements are equally weighted.

Higher Graphic Communication

The higher course is formed by the study of 3 units;tenchinal drawings 1, 2 and dtp. 30% of the assement marks come from a thematic presentation which pupils work on throughout the year; these range from manual stp design to pupil chosen project where isometric and orthographic drawings are manually produced.


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