Canzoni, Preghiere, Danze del II Millennio - Sezione Europa

Canzoni, Preghiere, Danze del II Millennio - Sezione Europa

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Name = Canzoni, Preghiere, Danze del II Millennio – Sezione Europa
Type = Studio album
Artist = CCCP

Released = 1988
Recorded = 1988
Genre = Electropop, synth-pop
Length = 44:28
Label = Virgin
Producer = Ignazio Orlando
Last album = "Socialismo e Barbarie"
This album = "Canzoni, Preghiere, Danze del II Millennio – Sezione Europa"
Next album = "Epica Etica Etnica Pathos"

"Canzoni, Preghiere, Danze del II Millennio – Sezione Europa" (Songs, Prayers, Dances of (the) II Millennium - Section Europe) is the third studio album released by the Italian punk rock band CCCP Fedeli alla linea in 1988.

It signs their musical change to a much electropop music style. Keyboard instead of guitar becomes the most important instrument in all of their compositions. Their sound is now strongly influenced by Middle Eastern music and becomes more and more soft than the previous ones. The original sociopolitical emphasis is now replaced by a mystical overtones, and their industrial hardcore with a far less revolutionary synth-pop.

The cover features a picture of the Virgin Mary with the Holy Child.

The first track, "Il Testamento del Capitano", is a live performance of a traditional song-chorus by the Alpini, an elite mountain warfare soldiers of the Italian Army, that was booed by the spectators.

"Fedele alla lira?" is a reply to the fans that renamed them as “"CCCP fedeli alla lira"” when the band signed for Virgin in 1987.

"Madre" is a song dedicated to the Virgin Mary. For the reason above stated, Famiglia Cristiana, an Italian weekly magazine owned by a Roman Catholic publishing group, for the first time, reviewed one of their album, and interviewed some of the band's members.

Track listing

# "Il Testamento del Capitano"
# "Svegliami (Perizia Psichiatrica Nazionalpopolare)"
# "Huligani Dangereux"
# "B.B.B."
# "Fedele alla lira?"
# "Roco · Roço · Rosso"
# "Le qualità della danza"
# "È vero"
# "Palestina (15/11/1988)"
# "Madre"
# "Conviene"
# "And the radio plays"
# "Vota FATUR"
# "Reclame"


* Giovanni Lindo Ferretti - vocals
* Massimo Zamboni - guitar
* Ignazio Orlando - bass, keyboards, drum machine
* Carlo Chiapparini - guitar
* Danilo Fatur - “Artista del popolo”People's Artist]
* Annarella Giudici - “Benemerita soubretteWell-deserved soubrette]

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