List of SaGa Frontier 2 characters

List of SaGa Frontier 2 characters

This article details the fictional characters found in the PlayStation role-playing game SaGa Frontier 2.

Gustave's Quest

Gustave Eugene, AKA Gustave XIII, AKA Gustave the Steel

Birth: 1220, Thermes Palace, Thermes, Finney Kingdom, Merchmin.

Death: 1269, A fort in Gustave's southern territory, Grand Teille. Presumably killed by Monsters.

Age at Death: 49

Gustave XIII, former prince of Thermes and successor to the throne of Gustave XII, is exiled by his father when at the age of 7 he fails the Firebrand Ceremony by being unable to manifest his Anima through the sword to light it aflame. Both he and his mother, Queen Sophie (who tried to prevent Gustave's banishment) are banished from the castle and forced to live in the slums of Thermes, being forbidden by Gustave XII to leave for Nohl. Master Cielmer, noting to Gustave XII that with Gustave XIII's banishment that his services are no longer required, asks for permission to leave Thermes and the King's Employ, which is granted. Cielmer then uses this opportunity to sneak them to Gruegel to seek asylum from King Sui of Na, noting that Gustave XII has thoughts of execution possibly on his mind. Gustave will set neither foot nor sights on Thermes, Finney, or Merchmin for another 20 years. With this scenario, the long and intriguing story of Gustave XIII begins... Shortly after the death of his mother and his conquering Wide, Gustave hears of the death of his father and heads to the Finney kingdom to take the throne (despite his doubt and self-loathing), afterwards he gives the throne to his brother Phillpe... Gustave dies at the age of 49 in one of his forts. It is believed that he and Johan (Johanne originally) were both killed by monsters, although it is never confirmed as his and Johan's bodies are never recovered.

Major characters in Gustave's story

* Fake Gustave
* Charles, Count of Jade
* David, Count of Jade

Minor characters in Gustave's story

* General Nebelstern
* Johan, the Assassin (Believed to have died with Gustave)
* Ventarbre
* Master Cielmer
* Flynn
* Leslie Bering
* Gustave XII, king of Finney (Gustave's father)
* Queen Sophie, later Marquise of Nohl (Gustave's mother)
* Philippe I, later Marquis of Nohl (upon Sophie's death)
* Marie, Marquise of Otto
* Lord Cantal, Marquis of Otto
* Nicolette Drangueford, daughter of Cantal
* Kelvin, Count of Jade
* Gustave IV (Gustave's half-brother, killed by Gustave XIII)

William Knights' Quest

William Knights - The secondary playable storyline in the game is that of Wil Knights, and his journey to learn the secrets of the soul-stealing entity known as 'The Egg'. Wil's story spans three generations of his family, and is intertwined within the storyline of Gustave XIII.

Characters in Wil Knight's quest

* Cordelia - A young girl who becomes Wil's first ally and personal bodyguard when Wil decides to become a Digger. Eventually, she ends up becoming Wil's wife and Rich's mother.
* Narcisse - Narcisse is an experienced man that initially accompanies Wil Knights on his many journeys. While talented with Spell Arts, he also has a rather bad attitude toward others and is quite conceited. First met General Nebelstern while studying under Master Cielmer.
* Tyler - An adventurer that Wil meets at his first adventure in the Ruins of Hahn. The strategy guide refers to him as a half wolf, but there is nothing wolf-like about Tyler's features.
* Labelle - Labelle is a woman Wil Knights meets (should you choose) in the scenario "Beyond Grand Valley". She is a woman looking for her brother William but she was unable to cross to Laubholz due to the outrageously large toll. If you choose to send Cordelia in the scenario "Infiltrate! Alexei Gang" you'll notice that she dies by the end of the event. If this happens, Labelle becomes Wil's wife later in the story (which leads to much speculation as to how Wil could father the same child with a different woman). If you choose for her not to accompany you in "Beyond Grand Valley", she joins later in the scenario "Tycoon Wil". Her name is a pun on "la belle" (literally "the beautiful one" in French).
* Nina Cochrane - Wil's aunt, who assists her nephew at some point. Dies after using powerful spells in an exhausted state to save Wil and his friends.
* William - The older brother of Labelle, who eventually becomes the megalith beast at the end of the "Tycoon Wil" story.
* Patrick - Patrick is a young man that joins Wil Knights on other adventures. Wil finds him trying to buy a meal in Laubholz with no success before leaving for Weissland.
* Rich Knights - Wil Knights' son who wants to make big money in the world. Originally works with Eleanor, but eventually becomes the lead character after a while.
* Eleanor - A young female spellcaster who was hired by Kelvin to scout new terrain that would prove beneficial to the war effort. Even after Rich becomes the lead character, she continues to assist him in his scenarios.
* Diana - A young lady whose village was destroyed by giant sandworms. She remained behind in North Gate where she would eventually meet Rich and become his wife and Ginny's mother.
* Julia - A young girl who asks for Rich's help in restoring water to her desert community.
* Raymond - A young man talented with archery who is invited by Tyler into Wil's group.
* Sargon - A young soldier who originally helped Rich with restoring water to Julia's village and is later recruited by Fake Gustave in order to help with his conquest. Later becomes the Fire Lord.
* Greta - A generic female soldier who helped Sargon before being turned into a Slime by Fake Gustave's test.
* Watts - A generic male soldier who helped Sargon before being turned into a Slime by Fake Gustave's test.
* Ginny Knights - Rich Knights' daughter; granddaughter of Wil Knights.
* Primiera - A powerful female warrior who originally came from a noble family in Otto. She assists Ginny in escaping pirates and joins up with her so that Ginny can pay her back.
* Roberto - A suave man who is friends with Gustaf. Joins Ginny and Primeria.
* Meythia - Ven's pupil who is talented with axes. She is appointed to help Ginny's team, not knowing what she is getting herself into.
* Gustaf - A mysterious young man who is Roberto's friend and wields two familiar weapons. Joins Ginny's crew with Roberto. He is Kelvin's grandson and cousin to David.

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* [ "Lost Sa・Ga"] Fan site of the entire SaGa series (includes a characters section)

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