List of SaGa Frontier characters

List of SaGa Frontier characters

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This article lists the characters in "SaGa Frontier".

Main playable characters



A young mage fresh out of magic school. His quest is to collect the "Gift" for as many magics as possible (Light or Shadow, Arcane or Rune, Space or Time). After that he is destined to fight his twin who has gained the opposite magics. Whichever brother survives obtains the other's magic and receives sacred "Life" magic.

While playing as Blue, he can be allowed to lose the duel to Rouge, changing the main character from Blue to Rouge, because whoever wins the duel gains control of the other's magical knowledge. It is revealed they were created artificially to produce the first and only wizard who could master all magical powers, even the conflicting pairs (Light vs Shadow, Arcana vs Runes and Time vs Space), and the duel is a mere formality to establish the dominant persona. It is important to note that switching to Rouge does NOT transfer non-magical skills, or statistic points. It does, however, revert your total LP to the default amount.

After the duel, Blue (or Rouge) becomes the only character that is capable of learning Life magic (derived from mastering both Light and Shadow magics). Additionally, he is the only character that can have both sets of "opposed" magics in the varying types (Light and Shadow, Rune and Arcane, Time and Space, and Realm and Mystic).

Blue is, perhaps, the most unusual of the game's main characters. Every other character seems to have some sense of justice or spirit of kindness, at least one representation of general good will. Blue, however, convinces several people to help him in his personal quest for power, with no care for who they are or how long they live. His sole goal is to gain the power necessary to defeat Rouge. If Rouge is viewed as the "good half" (he is very kind and willing to help any character who encounters him in other quests) then it would seem that, rather than a typical fantasy hero, Blue seems in many ways to be more of a villain than anything.

An interesting controversy surrounds Blue's ending. First of all, defeating the final boss results in a "fade-out" screen stating "The End" and no sort of ending that depicts a resolution of the story, despite many interesting plot developments earlier. The same happens if a player finishes the game with Rouge, and even after both characters have finished the game on the same save file. Strangely enough, there is an unused "Blue ending" track in the game's sound test, accessible in the developer's room.

**Blue`s game was supposed to end with him being sealed in Hell with Hell`s Lord but the ending was cut due to time constraints. Supposedly, he was only meant to stall Hell`s minions until the people of the Magic Kingdom could seal the entrance. In Essence, it states that Rouge (who is supposed to win) is able to escape after hearing the distant voices of his comrades. However, it seems more fitting that a man who dedicated his entire life to selfishly gaining power should be bound to stay in Hell eternally locked in battle with the only being that can truly test that power.**


Emelia is a blonde ex-con and secret agent formerly working as a model. She is good with guns. Her story begins when her fiance Ren was murdered by a mysterious villain known as the "Joker". Wrongfully accused of the crime, she was sentenced to imprisonment in Despair, where she met Annie and Liza. With their help, she was able to escape the prison. After their escape, Emelia was recruited by the two to join the secret organization Gradius, which was, coincidentally, also hunting for the "Joker". She is only recruitable (except for in Riki's and her own quests) by searching for the Gold Card in Baccarat, where she is first seen wearing a typical bunny girl suit.

When playing as Emelia, she has the unique feature of changing into different clothes which augment specific abilities respectively (ex: wearing the bunny suit results in augmented spellcasting).

Unique characters: Asellus, White Rose, Zozma.


Lute starts with no skills. He could easily master swords, guns, and magic if trained properly. His story is basically the simplest with no real plot: his mother kicked him out and wanted Lute to come back when he found a decent job. He stumbles face-first into a plot involving Trinity general Mondo and resistance leader Captain Hamilton, and the legacy of his deceased father. All other main characters can easily gain him in Scrap at the bar, at the far right end. Lute usually doesn't have the option of Yes and No when recruiting allies; most of the time, he welcomes just about anyone into the team due to his friendly demeanor.

Unique characters: Captain Hamilton


A formidable character who can easily master fighting skills and sword skills, seeking vengeance against a criminal syndicate known as BlackX (Black Cross).

Red is the son of Dr. Okonogi, a famous scientist. While trying to deliver evidences on the crimes of his father's friend Dr. Klein, they were attacked by a BlackX Emperor General, Shuzer. Red survived but his father was killed. He returned home only to see his house in flames and was confronted by Shuzer and supposed to be killed, until an experienced masked superhero named Alkarl drove Shuzer away.

In order to save Red, Alkarl gave him superhero abilities, making him the hero-to-all called Alkaiser. He then gave Red the stipulations of being a hero: To never act unjustly, and to never reveal his identity. Eventually, Red became an engineer assistant to the cargo ship Cygnus, engineered by his father's friend Hawk.

Red looked only for revenge for his father's murder at the hands of BlackX. Travelling to the 4 BlackX bases in Koorong, Manhattan, Kyo, and Shingrow, Red as Alkaiser shut them down and defeated their leaders, including Shuzer, the man who killed his father. He also encounters a peculiarly honourable Mec by the name of Metal Black (MBlack). He battles this foe three times, and in the final battle with MBlack III, also known as Metal Alkaiser, Alkaiser can learn his ultimate offensive hero skill: Re-Al-Phoenix. After defeating the 4 Emperors, Red sneaks aboard the Black Ray with the help of his old friend Hawk, and destroys it by triggering a self-destruct mechanism. He ends up in the main stronghold of BlackX, where he is in his Alkaiser form for the rest of the quest. There he confronts Dr. Klein, MBlack III and the nefarious BossX. Also, Red's mother and little sister were not killed by Shuzer, but rather captured and brought as hostages to the stronghold. After the battle, Red stands at his parents' graves, and Alkarl appears to take Red's powers away, making him a normal man again. Thus ends Red's journey. It turns out that Alkarl was Red's father's friend, Hawk, and Red will not be able to live a "normal" life for long.

Red has the ability to transform into Alkaiser, which gives him a 250 HP boost, a new sword and access to some Alkaiser-only abilities. Unfortunately, the drawback in this form is that Red cannot gain any stat ups at the end of battles, but he can still learn Gun techniques and spells. Also, if he is accompanied by allies, he cannot transform unless they all collapse or are afflicted with specific status ailments, such as "Darkness" and "Palsy." Mecs are the exclusion to this rule.

Unique characters: Asellus and White Rose (temporary), BJ&K, Doll, Rabbit.


Blue's twin brother. Rouge is said to be slightly more friendly than Blue in "The Essence of Saga Frontier". He will join everybody else's quest and Blue won't. Also, according to Essence, he is the brother that chooses Space Magic but is kicked out of Paradise by Kylin for being rude. He is supposed to be the victor of the duel with his brother, but the game leaves the decision up to the player. After defeating Hell's Lord he is sealed in Hell, the Magic Kingdom was just using him to stall for time. Rouge can be found at Luminous port or Devin port.



Asellus is the only known Half-Mystic alive, and is good with magic and swordsmanship. She once lived in Shrike and apparently knew Red. She was born a human but becomes half-human, half-mystic when one day, while on an errand for her aunt, she is run over by a carriage. The carriage belongs to Lord Orlouge -- a powerful mystic and ruler of Facinaturu. Asellus survives the accident thanks to an infusion of mystic blood from Lord Orlouge. This blood not only makes her half-mystic; it also ranks her as a noble mystic. She becomes "Lady Asellus," an heir to Lord Orlouge and "Prince" of Facinaturu.

After the accident, Lord Orlouge brings Asellus to Facinaturu, where she remains asleep for 12 years. When she awakens, she is unaware of the passage of time as, as a half-mystic, she has not aged. Orlouge soon appoints Princess White Rose, the kindest of all of his princesses, to teach Asellus manners and Ildon to teach her about her mystic powers. When Asellus escapes from Facinaturu, she does so with the help of White Rose, who remains her close companion and eventual love interest for most of the story, and a human pilot visiting Facinaturu. Two other mystics who serve Lord Orlouge, Ciato and Prince Rastaban, both seem to be separately scheming against Lord Orlouge.

Asellus and Princess White Rose remain on the run from Orlouge's many servants, but after White Rose sacrifices herself to save Asellus's life and freedom, Asellus decides to return to Facinaturu and defeat Orlouge, to end the struggle once and for all. She is joined eventually by Ildon, who is sent by Prince Rastaban to look after her and protect her until she is strong enough to successfully overthrow Orlouge. Upon doing so, she ascends the throne of Facinaturu as the new Lord of the Mystics. There are three different endings to Asellus' quest.

Asellus is privy to the abilities of a Mystic while at the same time has the power to continuously grow in strength like any Human. When she uses a Mystic's move (Sword, Glove, Boots) she transforms into a full Mystic (noted by her hair becoming more wild-looking). She can then use the abilities of whatever monsters she absorbed prior while still being able to use any arts she learned as a Human. Like all Mystics, and similar to Red's case of transforming, Asellus cannot gain any stat ups (other than HP, WP and JP which Mystics normally gain), but can still learn Gun arts and spells. Combining the nearly limitless stat growth of a Human with the added stats gained from absorbed monsters makes Asellus the most powerful character in the game.

Asellus' quest has three possible endings: Fully human, remaining a Half-Mystic, of becoming a full Mystic. Several key choices in the game, as well as her use of her Mystic abilities determine the ending.

Unique characters: White Rose, Princess Rei, Zozma, Ildon, Dr. Nusakan, Red Turnip.



Riki (Known as Coon in the Japanese release) is a Lummox, a fox-like creature, and one of the last remaining inhabitants of the mysterious world, Margmel. Determined to save his homeworld, he seeks the Rings of Margmel. In his search, he starts out in Scrap, where he finds the researcher Mei-ling. Riki's quest takes him around the regions to gather the Rings until he comes face to face with Virgil in Mosperiberg. Following the battle, Riki returns home to attempt to restore Margmel, but faces Mei-Ling, who is under the control of the Rings.



T260G is a Type1 Mec, a model constructed from junk parts. Originally part of a combat ship with a mission against RB3, it lost its memory when it crashed into Junk. With Leonard and Gen's help it recovers its memory and finishes the job. It is a dear friend to the children of Junk, Rosemary and Thyme.

While playing as it, T260G has the unique option of changing into different Model bodies early on in its story. It can choose to be essentially any other Mec party member's Model, including two exclusive ones (one initially and the other gained later on).

Unique characters: ZEKE, Leonard, PzkwV

Minor playable characters


Humans are the most versatile of characters and can learn every sword, fist and gun technique along with magic from nearly every category. Most of the recruitable characters are from the Human race and they are the easiest to level up. Humans experience nearly limitless stat growth and learn new moves by the method infamously known throughout SaGa games as "sparking" or "lightbulbing" (indicated by a lightbulb going off above the Human's head).


A young woman working for Gradius, a group of vigilantes based in Koorong, to support her little sister and brother who are both in institutions. She plays a big part in Emelia's and Riki's quests, and takes the other main characters into Despair to find the Freedom Rune. She also plays a small bit in Red's storyline (and incidentally is the only party member who forces her way into Red's party). Annie is also one of the best sword fighters in the game. She can be found in Koorong's 2nd section in front of the restaurant. Everyone can recruit her.

Captain Hamilton

Captain of the Victoria region ship, Hamilton is a tough lady. She is always seen eating at Owmi because "They don't use MSG or stuff like that". She was also a friend of Lute's father and helps Lute avenge his death. Gameplay-wise her abilities are very similar to Roufas, a mix of guns and swords. You can find her at Owmi's restaurant, dressed in green, but she will only join Lute in order to fulfill his quest.


"Icy Doll" of IRPO. Said to be the voice of reason between her coworkers Fuse and Silence. Doll joins Red, claiming her brother was kidnapped, but later reveals she was just undercover on a mission to catch a criminal in Shingrow. You can find her only in Red's quest in the port of Shingrow. Doll is proficient with guns and various magic spells of the "darker" persuasion (such as Mystic and Shadow).


Fei-on is a martial artist on his way to Kyo to train, possibly for Mind magic. The ship he was on however, was eaten by an inter-regional monster known as Tanzer. Since then he has become the leader of a base in Tanzer for other passengers of the ship, protecting them from Nomad, a pirate who was also swallowed. Fei-on and Mei-ling were dating before this all happened and fight about it when they run into each other again in Riki's quest.


Number one officer around IRPO, Fuse is not the easiest person to get along with (he has a short temper and a rather bad attitude). Among his biggest rivals are the "Narcissistic Cosplay Jerk", his own personal nickname for Silence, and Roufas. His conflict with Silence began when they were both hit with a Maelstorm attack but Silence was wearing a sea jewel for protection while Fuse was washed away. Can be only obtained if you participate in the Arcane Magic quest. Can join Red's party without having to go through the Shield card quest and incidentally gives it to Red for free if recruited prior. Fuse was originally planned to be the 8th protagonist but due to time constraints, this was not completed.


A master swordsman hailing from the now destroyed Region of Wakatu (which resembles feudal Japan), Gen currently deals with his sorrows over the destruction of his hometown in the form of alcoholism, taking every opportunity to 'get a drink'. While he has no one Region he calls home, he does act as a guardian figure to Rose and Thyme in Junk, and plays a major part in T260G's quest. While his character and his inhibitions towards alcohol has a little to be desired, his swordsmanship is second to none. Joins T260G and Riki by default. Anyone else can get him if you ask him regarding going to Wakatu to get the Saber card (it's also the only way the player can get to Wakatu).


Liza is the best martial artist in the game. She appears in Emelia's quest and a bit in Red's quest (optional). In Emelia's Quest, Liza, Emelia and Annie all escape together the prison at Despair. She also offers to help Blue find the Hide Rune. Available only to Red, Blue and Emelia.


Mei-ling is a historian with expertise involving the Rings of Margmel and knows how to use guns and Light magic. She plays a huge part in the storyline of Riki, whom she joins in search of the rings. She once dated Fei-on before he was swallowed by Tanzer.


The head of Gradius and a district leader in Koorong. Roufas has a long standing rivalry with IRPO (Inter-Regional Police Organization) and in particularly it seems with the agent Fuse (which can be noticed in Red's game). He is an expert with guns but also starts with some sword skills and the gift for Mind magic. He can be obtained if you participate in Rune magic, though he only joins male heroes (except for Emelia, whose story he's involved in).


Mystics have the unique ability to absorb monsters into their three specific weapons: MysticSword, MysticGlove and MysticBoots. When a monster is absorbed, the Mystic in question gets parameter boosts to statistics attributed to the monster in general (for example, if it was a LivingMirror that was absorbed, the Mystic would get boosts toward PSY and INT) as well the ability to use one of the monster's special techniques; which technique they get depends on which Mystic weapon they used to absorb the monster. Mystics are also talented with magic, but their lack of ability slots doesn't allow them to equip more than four spells at a time. Also, most Mystics wear MysticMail on their body, which cannot be removed. This limits their equipment options greatly and as such, they are far more prone to damage than any other race in the game. Incidentally, Mystics can only gain Charm, HP, WP, or JP at the end of battles: their other natural stats are permanent and do not experience any growth (similar to the characters in Romancing SaGa 3).

Dr. Nusakan

A Mystic doctor who runs a clinic in the Koorong backstreets. In a rather macabre twist on a typical 'doctor', Dr. Nusakan doesn't dabble in his trade for the sake of saving lives or curing illnesses, but is rather fascinated by the concept of illnesses and diseases caused by microbes and viruses, something which Mystics are immune to. Another point of interest is that Dr. Nusakan is incredibly powerful in the Mystic realm, and it is said that he possesses enough power to be considered a Mystic Lord, but it seems that Dr. Nusakan couldn't care less. Another odd quirk to him is the fact he has the Death spell from the Arcane magic list, but Death can only be acquired from having the gift for Arcane, which he does not.


One of the many Mystic Princes of Facinacturu. Ildon is cold at the beginning of the game but has always held a soft spot for Asellus, he helps her after the death of the elemental sages and the Lion Princess. Ildon, with his lover Rastaban, are the main Mystics who support Asellus after the dark labyrinth, so much so that they wish to have her ascend to the throne. He warms up to Asellus throughout the game and is actually faux friendly in most of the endings. As with all the Princes, he has his own motives to oppose the Charm Lord.


A water mystic (mermaid of sorts) who was rescued from a fishing net by a weathly man in Owmi who falls in love with her. Mesarthim doesn't love him back though, so Asellus helps her escape back to the lake through a secret passage in the basement. Later on she rejoins Asellus to repay her debt. She will also join other characters who have a mystic on their team except for Silence (a mute mystic), who scares her away.


Rei is the only character in the game that can use Mirage magic naturally. Originally Orlouge's first mistress, she sucked his blood and jumped in the fire pit in Facinaturu, making a deal with Kylin to be reborn into human flesh. In return, she takes care of a shrine as a miko in Devin and allows qualified people go to Paradise for Space magic (qualified meaning the player has completed either the Rune or the Arcane quests). After White Rose leaves Asellus, Rei can join her, though refusing her help will eliminate any chance of getting her again. Her Mirage magic is unique, as it allows her to directly summon the various beasts randomly summoned in the Mystic spell, Phantasm Shot.


A natural mute, and possibly one of the only Mystics in the IRPO's employ, Silence (or rather, his shadow) is in Omble, chasing after a fugitive. Notorious among players for being totally unable to attain the Shadow Gift, hindering his usefulness in that respect. An odd feature of his is that butterfly wings grow out of his back briefly when he casts spells in battle.

Time Lord

The "Time Lord" is the only character in the game that starts with the gift of Time Magic. He is also one of the "Mystic Lords" apart from the "Charm Lord" Orlouge and the Ruler of Mosperiburg, Virgil. If you choose not to take him along, you can purchase lower level Time magic spells from him. For some odd reason, he is classified under "Female Mystic" in the Bestiary.

Edit Required** Time Lord is a lower ranking mystic. There is a difference between a Mystic Lord and someone with Lord in their name. Sei is the Death Lord because he continues to protect his people even after death. Kylin and Time Lord are Space Lord and ....Time Lord respectively due to their unique gift over the two elements. In Essence, Rastaban states that there are only three mystic lords of the era, Orlouge, Virgil, and Asellus. In addition, Virgil states that Time Lord is a lower ranking mystic and cannot be a Mystic Lord.

The following was quoted in a guide (aoiseishin`s) that stated it had obtained the information from Essence: A Mystic must be a noble mystic, be over 1000 years old, control a large territory, and must have conducted a Shayou Hunt which seems to translate to a hunt for mystics who have chosen to live among humans (i.e. someone like Silence). The last practice has been abandoned because of the times however.**

White Rose

One of Orlouge's many princesses, she is said to be the nicest among the Mystics of Facinaturu and was assigned to be Asellus' caretaker. Later on in Asellus' quest she sacrifices herself to save Asellus from spending the rest of eternity in the Dark Labyrinth. She is proficient with Light magic.


He is the only playable character in the game that can use Evil magic (which is the opposite of Mind magic). He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Akuma of Street Fighter fame. He comes to Asellus' rescue when she is kidnapped by Yaruto (seen in Emelia's quest), and comes to cheer Asellus up when White Rose leaves.


While some Monsters are enemies, there are some that are peaceful and live in towns with Humans. The Monster race is unique due to their ability to take the abilities of their fallen opponents as well as transform into an entirely new form. The process to copying a fallen Monster's moves and transforming into various species is complex and requires some work before it becomes an exact science. In order for some forms to become available, a Monster ally needs to have a certain amount of HP and specific moves absorbed. Monsters experience HP growth only through absorbing a new move each time. Stats are dependent upon what form they take.


A Monster in the employ of the IRPO, found captured by the mad scientists in the Bio Lab in Shrike. Apparently is in the middle of an investigation involving inter-regional bandits. Cotton is a Tidi creature, which he can only change back into after absorbing the right combination of monster abilities.


Kylin is the only character in the game that starts with the gift of Space Magic. And the only playable monster with any magic, as monsters aren't supposed to have magic according to "Essence". He will sell low level spells to those qualified or offer to join, but Blue must defeat him to get the Space gift. According to "Essence", though, Blue chose Time magic, which means Rouge chose Space magic. Unlike the game Kylin doesn't die, he kicks Rouge out for being rude. The existence of his "Paradise" is tied to his life too. He looks after orphaned children or children who have had rough lives in his world. His name is a moniker of what he is: a kirin, a creature from Chinese mythology.


A Monster of unknown past and origin, trapped by (presumably) Orlouge in the Labyrinth of Darkness at some point in time. Joins in Asellus' quest.


A former king of Shrike who protects his land even in death. Riki has to wake him to get a ring, but the other characters can fight him to have him join or get his sword. Riki's tale of woe warms Sei's heart, and so he joins without battling. You must wake him by getting 3 great pieces of equipment from his tomb and putting them near his room. You lose the items in the process but some think it's an even trade.


Just a random Slime, taking residence in the Regional supermonster Tanzer. Tags along with any character who acquires the Vitality Rune in Tanzer's innards. According to "Essence" he assists in the final battles against BossX and Great Mondo.


A phoenix working for IRPO, found frozen on Mosperiberg Mountain while searching for the Shield card. According to "Essence", Fuse made Rei (an unmentioned princess of Orlouge's) melt the ice with the flames of Kurenai (the spirit of the fire pit in Facinaturu.) In order to free him, the player must defeat a difficult boss called Jotnar (a rotund snowman-like genie) in order to melt the ice. Speaking with him recruits him.


Thunder is an Ogre monster found in Yorkland and is Lute's sworn "little brother". Hence, he is only recruitable if Lute is in the party.


Mecs are perhaps the most unusual (and next to Humans the most customizable race) due to the fact they only get parameter boosts from equipping weapons and armor. Mecs, unlike Humans and Mystics, do not level up HP at the end of battle. Rather, all their parameters are dependent upon what they wear (a sword would boost STR and QUI, while various armors boost HP, etc.) but only as long as they keep the equipment on. Mecs learn abilities by downloading data from defeated enemy Mecs and if successful they add a new move to their list (the success rate of downloading seems to be dependent on the Mec's INT being greater than the defeated enemy's INT). The number of ability slots a Mec has depends on their Model# and can be increased if they equip items called Boards (motherboards).


BJ&K is a Type4 Mec working on the Cygnus region ship. Finds out Red's secret identity and joins him after Red threatens to erase his memory. BJ&K is proficient at healing non-Mecs.


EngineerCar is a Type6 Mec, a repair model, and will join any team that has a Mec in it if they go to the Nakajima Robotics building in Shrike. His repair abilities only work, obviously, on Mecs.


Leonard is a customized Type6 Mec, a repair model designed to look like his human form. He was assassinated because he found out about Mondo's secret army, but was able to store his memories in a robot. Joins T260G because T260G is unique.


PzkwV is a Type5 Mec, a heavily armored model. He runs a black market in the back alleys past the Koorong sewers where the player can buy powerful firearms such as the HyperBlaster. Leonard blackmails him into joining T260G (which also closes down his shop permanently for this rest of his game). His name extends to "Panzerkampfwagen 5", a variant of a German tank.


Zeke is a Type3 Mec, a light-weight model that resembles a jetplane. Offers to join T260G after his programming data and a mouse-mec is recovered from King Sei's tomb. His specialty lies in his high agility.


Rabbit is a Type2 Mec found only in Red's game. It resembles a small probe and has access to the potent BIT system that can later be upgraded into the Satellite Beam attack. It can be found in one of Kyo's gardens. Rabbit is also a member of IRPO.

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