Lik My Trakter

Lik My Trakter

"Lik My Trakter" (pronounced "like my tractor") was the first full-length album by The Waltons, released in 1992. Initially released independently, the album received a national release later the same year on Warner Music Canada.

The album was produced by John Switzer. Guest musicians on the album included Kim Deschamps and Anne Bourne.

The singles "Colder Than You", "In the Meantime" and "The Naked Rain" were notable chart hits for the band.

Track listing

# "Colder Than You"
# "Sunshine"
# "The Water Well and the Farmer's Hand"
# "In the Meantime"
# "I Could Care Less"
# "Truth and Beauty"
# "The Living Room"
# "Look at Me"
# "The Naked Rain"
# "(Don't Let It) Slide"
# "A Fine Line"

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