1992 in Canada

1992 in Canada

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Timeline of Canadian history.


* Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
* Governor General: Ray Hnatyshyn
* Prime Minister: Brian Mulroney
* Premier of Alberta: Don Getty then Ralph Klein
* Premier of British Columbia: Mike Harcourt
* Premier of Manitoba: Gary Filmon
* Premier of New Brunswick: Frank McKenna
* Premier of Newfoundland: Clyde Wells
* Premier of Nova Scotia: Donald Cameron
* Premier of Ontario: Bob Rae
* Premier of Prince Edward Island: Joe Ghiz
* Premier of Quebec: Robert Bourassa
* Premier of Saskatchewan: Roy Romanow

See also: 1992 Canadian incumbents


* January: CBC Television's documentary series "The Valour and the Horror" is criticized by Canadian veterans' groups for reportedly misrepresenting Canadian military conduct during World War II.
* January 22: On STS-42, Dr. Roberta Bondar becomes the first Canadian woman in space.
* February 8February 23: 1992 Winter Olympics are held in Albertville, France. Canada finishes ninth in the medal count.
* May: Geological Survey of Canada expedition sets official elevation of Mount Logan to 5,959m.
* May 7: Three employees are murdered and one permanently disabled during a robbery at a McDonald's restaurant in Sydney River, Nova Scotia
* May 9: 26 miners are killed in the Westray Mine Disaster
* July 1: The Vandoos launch a successful operation to secure control of Sarajevo's airport
* July 2: a two-year shutdown of the cod fishery is announced
* July 25August 9: Canada competes in the 1992 Summer Olympics
* August 12: the details of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are released
* August 22: the final draft of the Charlottetown Accord, a proposed package of constitutional amendments, is released
* August 24: A mechanical engineering professor, Valery Fabrikant, opens fire at Concordia University in Montreal killing four people
* September 18: Nine workers at the Giant Mine are killed after striking employee Roger Warren detonates a bomb in the mine shaft.
* October 8: The modern-day Ottawa Senators play their first game in the National Hockey League, defeating the Montreal Canadiens
* October 24: the Toronto Blue Jays become the first non-US team to win the World Series
* October 26: the Charlottetown Accord is rejected in a nationwide referendum
* October: The ban on homosexuals in the Canadian military is lifted, following a legal challenge by Michelle Douglas.
* November 7: John Ostashek becomes government leader of the Yukon, replacing Tony Penikett
* November 12: a referendum endorsing the creation of Nunavut is successful in the Northwest Territories
* December 15: the first members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment arrive in Somalia on an ill-fated humanitarian mission
* December 16: Ralph Klein succeeds Don Getty as Premier of Alberta
* December 17: Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signs the NAFTA deal
* Grey Cup: Calgary Stampeders win 24–10 over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
* Vanier Cup: Queen's Golden Gaels win 31–0 over the St. Mary's Huskies
* Rudolph A. Marcus wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry
* Agriculture Canada introduces a national BSE prevention program
* Delwin Vriend, an Alberta teacher, wins a court case against the Alberta Human Rights Commission regarding the status of LGBT persons under the province's human rights legislation. The case was appealed to the Alberta Court of Appeal; see 1994 in Canada.

Arts and literature

New books

* "The English Patient": Michael Ondaatje
* "Tales from Firozsha Baag": Rohinton Mistry
* "Inkorrect thots": bill bissett
* "Mother, not mother": Di Brandt


* Michael Ondaatje's "The English Patient" wins the prestigious Booker Prize, the first Canadian to do so
* See 1992 Governor General's Awards for a complete list of winners and finalists for those awards.
* Books in Canada First Novel Award: Rohinton Mistry, "Such a Long Journey"
* Gerald Lampert Award: Joanne Arnott, "Wiles of Girlhood"
* Pat Lowther Award: Kate Braid, "Covering Rough Ground"
* Marian Engel Award: Joan Barfoot
* Stephen Leacock Award: Roch Carrier, "Prayers of a Very Wise Child"
* Trillium Book Award: Michael Ondaatje, "The English Patient"
* Vicky Metcalf Award: Kevin Major


* Alanis, "Now Is the Time"
* Barenaked Ladies, "Gordon"
* Beau Dommage, "Beau Dommage au Forum"
* Blue Rodeo, "Lost Together"
* Bootsauce, "Bull"
* La Bottine Souriante, "Jusqu'aux p'tites heures"
* Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, "Superior Cackling Hen"
* The Box, "Decade of the Box"
* Change of Heart, "Smile"
* Leonard Cohen, "The Future"
* Cowboy Junkies, "Black Eyed Man"
* 54-40, "Dear Dear"
* Front Line Assembly, "Tactical Neural Implant"
* Hart-Rouge, "Le dernier mois de l'année"
* hHead, "Fireman"
* Intermix, "Intermix"
* Jr. Gone Wild, "Pull the Goalie"
* Lava Hay, "With a Picture in Mind"
* Leslie Spit Treeo, "Book of Rejection"
* Martha and the Muffins, "Modern Lullaby"
* Moxy Früvous, "Moxy Früvous"
* Sarah McLachlan, "Live EP"
* The Northern Pikes, "Neptune"
* The Nylons, "Live to Love"
* The Rankin Family, "Fare Thee Well Love"
* Rheostatics, "Whale Music"
* Jane Siberry, "A Collection 1984–1989" and "Summer in the Yukon"
* Skydiggers, "Restless"
* Sloan, "Peppermint" and "Smeared"
* The Tragically Hip, "Fully Completely"
* The Waltons, "Lik My Trakter"
* The Watchmen, "mclarenfurnaceroom"


* May 18: Jordan Manners, school shooting victim
* September 14: Holly Jones, murder victim


* February 1: Gary Lautens, newspaper humourist
* February 5: Maxwell Meighen, son of Prime Minister Arthur Meighen
* March 26: Barbara Frum, CBC Television news anchor ("The Journal] ")
* July 30: Joe Shuster, comedian
* September 6 to September 8 (exact time unknown): Corrine Gustavson, rape and murder victim
* September 14: Paul Joseph James Martin, politician
* Greg Curnoe: artist

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