Aichi Loop Line

Aichi Loop Line

nihongo|Aichi Loop Line|愛知環状鉄道線|Aichi Kanjō Tetsudō-sen|"Aichi Loop Railway Line" is a Japanese railway line between Okazaki Station, Okazaki and Kōzōji Station, Kasugai, operated by nihongo|Aichi Loop Railway|愛知環状鉄道|Aichi Kanjō Tetsudō. The company or the line is abbreviated as nihongo|Aikan|愛環. This is the only line the company operates. Contrary to its name, the line is not a true loop, but a north-south line east to central Nagoya, which can be considered as an unclosed loop.

Aichi Loop Railway is a third sector (in Japanese sense) company, shares hld by public sector such as Aichi Prefecture, the city of Toyota, and also by private companies. Unlike typical third sector lines in Japan, Aichi Loop Line is steadily making a profit, since the line functions as a commuter rail for nearby Toyota Motor factories.

Basic data

*Operators, distances:
**Aichi Loop Railway (Category 1)
***Okazaki - Kōzōji: 45.3 km (ca. 28.1 mi.)
**Japan Freight Railway Company (Category 2)
***Okazaki — Kita-Okazaki: 5.3 km (ca. 3.3 mi.)
***Freight operation ceased in 1999.
*Gauge: 1067 mm (3 ft. 6 in.)
*Stations: 23
**Double: Naka-Okazaki - Kita-Okazaki, Kitano-Masuzuka - Mikawa-Kamigō, Setoshi - Kōzōji
**Single: the rest
*Electric supply: 1500 V DC
*Railway signalling: Automatic (ATS-ST)


The first section of the line, between Okazaki and Kitano-Masuzuka, originally started in 1970 as nihongo|Okata Line|岡多線, a freight rail line of JNR. The section between Kitano-Masuzuka and Shin-Toyota was extended and the whole line started a passenger service in 1976. Another part of the line, between Setoshi and Kōzōji, was originally planned as JNR Seto Line, a once cancelled freight line. Okata Line, merged with the planned Seto Line route and the link between two, was renamed as Aichi Loop Line in 1988. Concurrently, newly founded Aichi Loop Line Company succeeded the line from JR Central.


There is no rapid service. All trains make stop at all stations. Trains run 2 times per an hour in daytime, 3 or 4 times per an hour in morning and evening.


All stations are in Aichi Prefecture.

ee also

*List of railway lines in Japan
*Tokai Transport Service Johoku Line

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* [ Aikan official website]

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