Dependency or dependent may refer to:



Computer science

  • dependency, also called Coupling (computer science), a state in which one object uses a functionality of another object
  • Data dependency, which describes a dependence relation between statements in a program
  • Dependency (UML), a relationship between two elements in the Unified Modeling Language
  • Dependency relation, a type of binary relation in mathematics and computer science.
  • Functional Dependency, a relation between database attributes allowing normalization.
  • Dependent type, in computer science and logic, a type which depends on a value
  • Hidden dependency, a relation where a change in one area of a program produces unexpected side-effects, kind of dependency hell.


  • Dependant (British English) (Dependent - American English), a person who depends on another as a primary source of income
  • Dependency ratio, in economics, the ratio of the economically dependent part of the economy to the productive part
  • Dependency theory, an economic worldview which states that resources flow from poor states to wealthy states



  • Dependent type, in computer science and logic, a type which depends on a value



  • Dependence (behavioral medicine), a continuum of physical and psychological attachments related to the concept of behavioral addiction


  • Dependent territory, a classification of territory, especially a region that is not a sovereign state, but the possession of such

without one, in the case of independent forms


  • Codependence, a pattern of detrimental, behavioral interactions within a dysfunctional relationship
  • Dependency need, the real need of the organism, or something that individuals can not provide for themselves
  • Dependent personality disorder, a personality disorder characterized by a pervasive psychological dependence on other people
  • Substance dependence, a need for a substance so strong that it becomes necessary to have this substance to function properly


  • dependent (record label), a German independent record label that focuses on aggrotech, electro-industrial and futurepop music
  • Dependent Music, an independent Canadian record label, owned and operated by the artists that were a part of the collective


Among monastic orders, the term denotes the relation of a monastic community with a newer community which it has established elsewhere. The relationship can be that of an abbey with a priory composed of the monks who originated from the first house. In that situation, the abbot remains the ultimate authority for the affairs of the dependent priory, which is considered an extension of the founding house. This relationship will end at such time as the daughter community might become fully autonomous and an abbey in its own right.

Smaller monasteries of nuns within a monastic congregation can make a bond with a monastery of monks within the same division of the Order, whereby the two are affiliated, and the monks guarantee pastoral care of the nuns. In this sense, the women's house is considered a dependency on that of the men.


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