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Price-drop tv

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launch = 11 June, 2003
share = 0.1%
share as of = February 2008
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owner = sit-up Ltd
country = flagcountry|United Kingdom
broadcast area = flagcountry|United Kingdom
sister names = bid tv, speed auction tv
web = []
terr serv 1 = Freeview
terr chan 1 = Channel 24
sat serv 1 = Sky Digital
sat chan 1 = Channel 645
sat serv 2 = Freesat
sat chan 2 = Channel 801
cable serv 1 = Virgin Media
cable chan 1 = Channel 741

price-drop tv (which dropped the dot from its name "" on 21 January 2005) is a shopping channel owned by sit-up Ltd and is focused on falling prices, using a form of uniform-price Dutch auction.

It began broadcasting from 4pm to midnight, Wednesdays to Saturdays, on 11 June 2003. The hours were later extended to 8am-1am, 7 days a week. It is available to more than 12 million homes in the UK, and makes weekly revenue of over £3 million.

Its place on Freeview was once insecure, as Channel 4 hoped to launch a new channel in its place. On October 1 2004 started broadcasting on a different multiplex to avoid this conflict.

Prior to December 2004 each 'price drop' started at the guide price. After guide prices were removed it is no longer possible to judge how closely the starting prices reflect the true value of products. A certain number of units of a product are advertised at a specified price, and buyers can place orders by telephone. The price is decreased in steps until all units are sold. All purchasers pay the final, lowest, price. Occasionally the channel has promotions where a small number of products "Megadrop" to £1 during a special event (it appears to be random, but directors choose which products will Megadrop beforehand). Megadrops are also used on bid tv, but price-drop tv was the first to use the promotion.

Telephone calls to the channel are charged at a premium rate of £1.50, and the postage and packaging costs, usually over £7.99, are added to the price announced. Even the nominally £1 Megadrops require a payment of at least £10.49 (unless buying online to avoid the £1.50 phone charges)

sit-up Ltd's shopping channels are interactive, with customers' names scrolling on screen as they phone in. Orders can be placed by telephone, or over the Internet (without the need for a television).

In October 2005 a start price graphic was introduced, effectively reinstating guide prices - but changing the wording to "start price" to show that the starting price is not a one that other retailers would be selling the product for, but just where the price begins. Until 10 May 2006 prices were stated in pounds only; on that date the graphics were changed and products are sold in pounds and pence.



Although the presenters are male and female, the assistants are, at least currently, exclusively female.
* Lisa Leyland
* Marina Berry
* Torie Grace
* Gemma Smallpage
* YoLisa
* Nicola Spence

"Note: Not all staff are mentioned above"

Retail Store

A pilot retail outlet at the Hatfield Galleria opened in 2004 selling goods initially at close to RRP, and dropping the price each day.

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* [ Official site]
* [ sit-up Ltd Corporate]
* [ bid tv]
* [ The Galleria, Hatfield]

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