General Post Office (disambiguation)

General Post Office (disambiguation)

The name General Post Office is or has been used by most Commonwealth countries for postal and telecommunications services.

*United Kingdom, see General Post Office which operated under that name until 1969. After 1981 see Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd. for a continuing history of the British Post Office.

*Australia, see General Post Office (Sydney), General Post Office, Melbourne and General Post Office, Brisbane. Each state and territory capital was the headquarters of the post before federation in 1901. The GPO now refers to the headquarters and the buildings themselves.

*India, see General Post Office, Mumbai. This is the main postal service headquarters for the Maharashtra postal circle, PIN code 400001.

*Republic of Ireland, see General Post Office (Dublin). Ireland's main post office and the headquarters of the 1916 Rising.

*Malaysia, see Kuala Lumpur General Post Office. This is the central post office of Pos Malaysia.

*People's Republic of China, see General Post Office Building, Shanghai and General Post Office, Hong Kong, which are the headquarters of the post for Shanghai and Hongkong Post.

*Sri Lanka, see General Post Office, Colombo. This is the headquarters of Sri Lanka Post.

ee also

*United States Postal Service, known as the General Mail Facility or Main Post Office.
*James Farley Post Office, New York City's General Post Office.

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