Yokohama City University

Yokohama City University

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name = Yokohama City University

motto = None
established = Founded 1882,
Chartered 1949
type = Public
head_label = President
head = Bruce Stronach
city = Yokohama
state = Kanagawa
country = Japan
undergrad = 3927
postgrad = 703
postgrad_label = graduate
faculty = 616 full-time
campus = Urban, -- acres (-- km²)
mascot = None
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free = -- varsity teams
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nihongo|Yokohama City University|横浜市立大学|Yokohama shiritsu daigaku is a public university in Japan. The main campus is located in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama.


An origin of YCU was founded in 1882 as nihongo|Yokohama School of Commerce|橫濱商法學校|Yokohama shōhō gakkō. At first this school was maintained by the society of local merchants. In 1888 the school was renamed Yokohama Commercial School (橫濱商業學校, abbreviated to Y-School), a five-year school for boys (ages 14-19 or above). In 1917 Y-School was municipalized and in 1921 it became the only seven-year commercial school in Japan (for ages 12-19 or above). The Ministry of Education (MEXT today) urged the school to shorten the curriculum by two years, for Japanese Commercial School Regulations (1921) did not specify a seven-year course for commercial schools. In 1924 Y-school became a five-year school attaching a two-year specialized course (a seven-year course "de facto"). In 1928 the specialized course of Y-School became Yokohama City College of Commerce (橫濱市立橫濱商業專門學校, abbreviated to Y-College). After being renamed Yokohama City Economics College, Y-College was reorganized into Yokohama City University in 1949, under Japan's new educational systems.

Another origin was founded in 1874 as nihongo|Juzen Hospital|十全醫院|Jūzen iin. This hospital was municipalized in 1891. In 1940 the hospital intended to establish an attached medical school; and Japan's involvement in World War II (1941) promoted the intention. In 1944 Yokohama Municipal Medical College (橫濱市立醫學專門學校) was established, and Juzen Hospital became a college hospital. In 1947, after the war, the medical college became Yokohama Medical School (横浜医科大学), a municipal university, whose preparatory course (three years) was established in 1947 and the main course (four years) was established in 1949. In 1952 the medical school was merged with Yokohama City University.

In 1949, YCU had one faculty: the Faculty of Commerce. In 1952, two faculties were added (School of Medicine / Faculty of Literature and Science). The latter history of YCU is as follows:
* 1984 - Kihara Institute for Biological Research was established.
* 1995 - Faculty of Literature and Science was reorganized into two faculties: Faculty of International Liberal Arts and Faculty of Science.
* 2005 - Three faculties (Commerce, International Liberal Arts and Science) were merged into one faculty: International College of Arts and Sciences.

Faculties (Undergraduate Schools)

* International College of Arts and Sciences (in Kanazawa Hakkei Campus)
** Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies
** Division of Sciences
** Division of Economics and Business Administration
* School of Medicine (in Fukuura Campus)
** School of Medicine
** College of Nursing

Graduate Schools

* International Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (in Kanazawa Hakkei Campus)
** International Cultural Studies (Master's/Doctoral)
** Economics and Business Administration (Master's/Doctoral)
** Natural/Basic and Applied Sciences (Master's course only)
** Environmental Biosciences (Master's course only)
** Nanoscience and Technology (Doctoral course only)
** Bioscience and Technology (Doctoral course only)
** Supramolecular Biology (in Tsurumi Campus - Master's/Doctoral)
* Graduate School of Medicine (in Fukuura Campus - Master's/Doctoral)

Research Institutes

* Kihara Institute for Biological Research (in Maioka Campus)
* Academic Resource and Information Center

Notable alumni

* Ken Hirai - a singer
* Hase Seishu - a novelist

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* [ Official Website (English)]

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