HMCS Snowberry (K166)

HMCS Snowberry (K166)

HMCS "Snowberry" (K166) was a Royal Canadian Navy Flower-class corvette which took part in convoy escort duties during World War II.

"Snowberry" was laid down at George T. Davie & Sons Ltd., Lauzon on 24 February 1940 and launched on 8 August 1940. She was ordered by the Royal Navy (RN) but was transferred to the RCN prior to completion. She was commissioned into the RCN on 26 November 1940

She had her forecastle extended on 14 May 1943 at Charleston.

On 23 August 1943 "Snowberry" as part of the 5th Support Group, was deployed to relieve the 40th Escort Group which was undertaking a U-boat hunt off Cape Ortegal. The warships of both groups were attacked by 14 Dornier Do 217s and 7 Junkers Ju 87s that were carrying a new weapon the Henschel Hs 293 anti-ship guided missile. Several sailors were injured and killed on warship|HMS|Bideford (40th EG) but "Snowberry" escaped damage. Two days later, the 5th SG was relieved by the 1st Support Group and the warships of both groups were again attacked by 18 Dornier Do 217s also carrying Hs 293 weapons. warship|HMCS|Athabaskan|G07 was heavily damaged and warship|HMS|Egret was sunk but "Snowberry" again escaped damage.

On 20 November 1943 "Snowberry", along with warship|HMS|Nene|K270 and warship|HMCS|Calgary|K231, depth charged and sank U-536 northeast of the Azores at 43-50N, 19-39W.

"Snowberry" was decommissioned from the RCN on 8 June 1945 when she was returned to the Royal Navy, becoming warship|HMS|Snowberry|K166. She was scrapped in August 1947 at Middlesbrough.


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