Laura Kiviranta

Laura Kiviranta

Laura Saara Kiviranta is a fictional character in the Finnish television series Salatut elämät, played by Piitu Uski. Laura has been in the series since the beginning.cite news |title=Piitu Uski jättää Salkkarit (in Finnish) |url= |publisher= "Ilta-Sanomat" | first= Tiina |last=Länkinen |date= August 7, 2007 ] She appeared in the series in years 1999–2008.


Laura is a quite strong-willed woman, who makes her own decisions herself. She doesn't need anything from anybody. She is the mother of two children named Sauli's and Oona's.

Laura's relationship with her children is fairly good, even though the relationship is strained by single parenthood and work. Laura lives on Pihlajakatu with her daughter Oona. Sauli is living in Australia. Laura is 36-year-old women jurist.


Laura has two children, Sauli and Oona. Sauli's father Tom left Laura when she was pregnant. She reared Sauli alone, until gave up Sauli to his adoptive parents. Sauli returned to his mother's life ten years later. On Pihlajakatu he met Aki Nikkinen, his mother's ex-husband, and couldn't accept Markus Ekholm in the place of him. Sauli's attitude made Markus and Laura's love affair even more difficult. After that Tom returned to Finland and asked his son to move with him to Oulu. Laura let unwillingly his son leave.

When Sauli had returned again to Pihlajakatu, it was difficult to him accept his mother's partner Kari Taalasmaa, with who Laura had newly got the daughter, Oona. Ending of Laura's and Kari's love affair facilitated situation. Sauli even hated his mother's next man Aaro Vaalanne and doubted the background of man. When he told to his mother about that, but she didn't take matter seriously. Laura has been lots of easier with Oona, although she snaps sometimes to her daughter.


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