Skunk (disambiguation)

Skunk (disambiguation)

Skunk can mean:

* Skunk, an animal
* Skunk (crowd control), non-lethal weapon used by the Israeli Defense Forces to disperse disorderly crowds
* Skunk cannabis, a potent strain of Cannabis grown through selective breeding and (often) hydroponics
* Skunkweed, a name for "Polemonium viscosum", a flowering plant in the genus Polemonium
* Eastern Skunk Cabbage ("Symplocarpus foetidus"), a low growing, foul smelling plant in the genus Araceae
* Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, American musician and defense consultant
* Skunk works is a term used in engineering and technical applications for secret (black) projects
* Skunk Anansie, a British rock band
* Skunk River, a tributary of the Mississippi
* "Skunks," a song by Manitoba from their 2003 album "Up in Flames"
* Skunked beer, beer that has been exposed to ultraviolet light, like sunlight too long.
* Double skunk, a term used to describe domination in sport after the game has been completed
* Skunk Kusai, a villain from Osamu Tezuka's various works, most notably Astro Boy
* SCO Skunkware is a collection of Open Source software projects

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