Flower (disambiguation)

Flower (disambiguation)

A flower is a reproductive structure found in many plants.

Flower or Flowers may refer to:



*Flower (band), an American indie rock band (1986–1990)
*Flowers, the former name (1977–1981) of Australian rock music band Icehouse (1981–current)
*The Flowers, a popular boy band in China

Albums and EPs

*"Flowers" (Ace of Base album), a 1998 pop album by Ace of Base
*"Flowers" (Acrnym album), a 2007 breakcore album by Acrnym
*"Flowers" (Echo & the Bunnymen album), a 2001 post-punk album by Echo & the Bunnymen
*"Flowers" (Rolling Stones album), a 1967 compilation album by The Rolling Stones
*"Flower" (Jody Watley album), a 1998 R&B/pop album by Jody Watley
*"Flower/Halloween", a 1985 alternative rock 12" single by Sonic Youth
*"Flower/Satan Is Boring", a 1986 alternative rock 12" single by Sonic Youth


*"flower" (Kumi Koda song), a song by Kumi Koda from the album "Best ~first things~"
*"Flower" (Liz Phair song), a song by Liz Phair from the album "Exile in Guyville"
*"Flower" (Soundgarden song), a single by Soundgarden from the album "Ultramega OK"
*"Flower" (Tomiko Van song), a debut single by Tomiko Van
*"The Flower Duet", a duet from Léo Delibes’ opera "Lakmé"

Individual people

*Andy Flower (born 1968), a Zimbabwean cricketer
*Grant Flower (born 1970), a Zimbabwean cricketer
*Robert Flower (born 1955), an Australian rules Footballer
*Roswell P. Flower (1835–1899), an American politician, governor of New York
*William Henry Flower (1831–1899), a British physician and naturalist
*Ben Flowers (born 1927), an American baseball pitcher who played for several major league teams
*Brandon Flowers (American football) (born 1986), defensive back for the Virginia Tech Hokies football team
*Brandon Flowers (musician) (born 1981), the lead singer of the band The Killers
*Christopher Flowers (born 1957), an American business man
*Gennifer Flowers (born 1950), an entertainer, journalist, and alleged lover of Bill Clinton
*Jake Flowers (1902–1962), an American baseballer, played for Cardinals and others
*Thomas Harold Flowers (1905–1998), a British engineer
*Wayland Flowers (1939–1988), an American puppeteer
*Flower Tucci (born 1981), a female porn star and nude model


*Flower ("Bambi"), the name of a skunk in the Disney movie "Bambi"
*Flower ("Meerkat Manor"), one of the meerkats in the Animal Planet series "Meerkat Manor"
*"Flower" (video game), a Playstation game developed by thatgamecompany
*Flower, in ancient chemistry refers to the powdery form of a substance after a phase change; see Precipitation (chemistry)
*Flowers, North Carolina, an unincorporated community
*Flower child, a synonym for hippie
*Flower class, for classes of ships
*Flower power, a slogan used by hippies during the late 1960s and early 1970s
*Flower sticks, a type of devil stick juggling
*JC Flowers, an American investment company
*Flowers River caldera complex, a volcano in eastern Labrador, Canada

ee also

*Flour, a common food ingredient made from wheat, rice, or other starchy sources
*Fleur (disambiguation)

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