Skin (disambiguation)

Skin (disambiguation)

Skin or skins can refer to:

Outer covering

* Skin, an organ of the integumentary system (also see nudity)
* Skin, another name for peel (fruit)
* Aircraft outer covering or aircraft wing's covering Skin (aircraft)


* Skin beetle, a type of insect

Arts and Media


* Skin (film), a 1997 short film by Sarah Kane
* Skins (film), a 2002 film by Chris Eyre based on the Adrian C. Louis novel
* "Skins", a 1994 film


* Skin (novel), a 2007 novel by Ted Dekker
* "Skins", a 1995 novel by Adrian C. Louis
* Skin (short story), a story written by Roald Dahl
* Skin (graphic novel), a comic book by Peter Milligan
* Skin (comics), a Marvel comic book character
* "Skins", a skinhead photo book by Gavin Watson


* Skins (TV series), a 2007 British television series
* Skin (TV series), a 2003 American television series
* Skins, a species of aliens in the TV series "Roswell"


* Skin (musician), former lead singer of the band Skunk Anansie
* Skin, a US band also known as World of Skin
* Skin (UK band), a British hard rock band
* Skin (Japanese band), a Japanese supergroup
* "Skin" (16 Volt album)
* "Skin" (Melissa Etheridge album)
* "Skin" (Skin album)
* "Skin" (song), a song by the Rascal Flatts
* "Skin" (Katie Noonan album)
* Skin (Madonna Song), a fast Dance track from her Album Ray of Light
* Skin (R. Kelly song), a second single from his Album

ports and sports culture

* "Skins", the team that plays a sport shirtless in Shirts Versus Skins
* Skins Game, a type of golf and curling event
* Skins (compression), a brand of sports clothing


* Skin (computing), custom graphics for computer software and websites
* In computer games, skinning is morphing the skin of a character using a set of bones.


* The skin system is a form of social categorisation in Australian Indigenous societies.


* Skin, a short form of the word skinhead
* Skin, a short form of redskin (slang)
* Skin, a slang term for abrade
* Skins, a slang term for rolling papers

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