Aquarium Fish International

Aquarium Fish International

"Aquarium Fish International" (AFI) is a North American monthly magazine, published by BowTie Inc. of Irvine, California, and dedicated to freshwater and saltwater fishkeeping and the aquarium/fishkeeping hobby in general. Originally titled "Aquarium Fish Magazine" (AFM), the first issue of the magazine was in October 1988. The title of the publication changed slightly beginning with the February 2007 issue; the new title is "Aquarium Fish International". It has a circulation of 60,000 [Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. "Aquarium Fish International", January 2008, p. 87.] .

The magazine contains articles and columns on subjects including: freshwater/tropical, saltwater/marine and brackish fish, as well as corals and invertebrates, planted tanks and aquascaping, fish breeding, species tanks, new species, fish food and nutrition, water chemistry, tank cycling, filtration, disease and health, fish husbandry and many other subjects such as aquarium equipment, setup, and maintenance.

Animals that have appeared in the magazine include: clownfish, lionfish, cichlids, discus, butterflyfish, tetras, live-bearers, rasboras, triggerfish, starfish, freshwater shrimp, jellyfish, "Acropora" and brain corals, and more.

Over the years, Scott W. Michael, J. Charles Delbeek, Dick Au, Julian Sprung and many other members of the fishkeeping industry have contributed to "Aquarium Fish International".


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