Dean Z

Dean Z
Dean Z
White Dean 79 Z.jpg
Dean Guitars
1977 — present
Mahogany, Maple
Ebony, Rosewood
String Thru
2 EMG, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio

The Dean Z Guitar is an electric guitar made by Dean Guitars in 1977 along with its counterparts, the Dean ML, Dean V and Dean Cadillac. It has the recognizable Dean headstock and the V shaped tailpiece. The body shape is similar to the body design of a Gibson Explorer.



The Dean Z, like its counterpart the Dean ML, was designed with the enhancement of tone, sustain and playability in mind. These models have dramatic string angles at the bridge and nut and a string thru body design featuring the original V plate. The added string length created by the exclusive headstock coupled with the original Dean neck design is how the Z achieves its "incredible ease of play". Still offered in its original configuration, the Z has withstood the test of time.[1]

ZZ Top

ZZ Top asked Dean Zelinsky to create a guitar that was covered in sheep's wool. What emerged became known as the "Spinning Fur" Dean Z. This was created as a guitar and a bass. ZZ Top used the Spinning Fur guitars in the music video for their song "Legs".


The Z shape is also available as part of the Baby Series as a scaled down version.[2] There is also a Z shaped bass guitar made by Dean.[3]

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