Desaguadero River (Bolivia)

Desaguadero River (Bolivia)
Countries Peru, Bolivia
Region Altiplano
Cities Desaguadero, San Andrés, Oruro
Source Lake Titicaca
 - location Desaguadero, Peru & Bolivia
 - elevation 3,811 m (12,503 ft)
 - coordinates 16°33′49″S 69°02′11″W / 16.56361°S 69.03639°W / -16.56361; -69.03639
Mouth Poopó Lake
 - location 50 kilometres (31 mi) S of Oruro, Bolivia
 - elevation 3,686 m (12,093 ft)
 - coordinates 18°26′31″S 67°04′22″W / 18.44194°S 67.07278°W / -18.44194; -67.07278
Length 320 km (199 mi)
Basin 90,000 km2 (34,749 sq mi) approx.
Discharge for Ulloma
 - average 78 m3/s (2,755 cu ft/s)
 - max 282 m3/s (9,959 cu ft/s)
 - min 28 m3/s (989 cu ft/s)

The Desaguadero River in Peru and Bolivia is the river that drains Lake Titicaca. It exits the lake at the southern part of the river basin, it flows south and drains approximately five percent of the lake's flood waters into Lake Uru Uru and Lake Poopó.[1] It is navigable only by small craft and supports indigenous communities such as the Uru Muratos.


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