Jōyō (nuclear reactor)

Jōyō (nuclear reactor)

is a test fast breeder reactor located in Ōarai, Ibaraki, Japan, operated by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The name comes from the previous country name of the area around Ibaraki.

It was made with the purpose of doing tests on and advancing the development of that type of reactor. It also does tests with the nuclear fuel as well as activation experiments.

The reactor has gone through 3 different core changes.
*MK-I April 24, 1977 - January 1, 1982
*MK-II November 22, 1982 - September 12, 1997 This core surpassed 50,000 hours of operating time
*MK-III July 2, 2003 - present

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*Nuclear power in Japan

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* [http://www.jaea.go.jp/04/o-arai/joyo/indexs.htm Official site]

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