Milne (surname)

Milne (surname)

Milne /ˈmɪln/ is a surname of Scottish origin, and may refer to:

In military:

In science:

  • Edward Arthur Milne, British mathematician and astrophysicist
  • John Milne, English geologist
  • Lorus J Milne and Margery Milne, American zoologists and authors
  • William Grant Milne (?–1866), Scottish botanist
  • James Stuart Milne New Zealand mathematician

In politics:

  • Charles Black Milne (1879–1935), Scottish politician, Unionist Party Member of Parliament for West Fife
  • Christine Milne, Australian politician
  • David Milne (Ontario politician)
  • Duane Milne, Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 167th legislative district
  • Eddie Milne (1915–1983), British Labour Party Member of Parliament for Blyth, later re-elected as an independent candidate
  • John Milne (politician) (1839–1922), Canadian Senator and businessman
  • John Wardlaw-Milne (1879–1922), British Conservative Party politician
  • Lance Milne (?–1996), Australian Democrats member of the South Australian Legislative Council
  • Lorna Anne Milne, Canadian senator
  • Michael John Milne, 34th Baron of Corstorphine
  • Nanette Milne, Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party politician
  • Robert Milne (Canadian politician) (1881–1953), Member of Parliament
  • Ross Milne (Canadian politician) (born 1932), retired Canadian politician
  • Sir William Milne (politician) (1822–1895), Australian politician
  • William Ross Milne, Canadian politician

In literature:

In sports:

  • Alec Milne, Scottish footballer who played for Cardiff City
  • Alec Milne (footballer born 1889), footballer who played in the Football League for Doncaster Rovers and Stoke
  • Andrew Milne (born 1990), professional footballer
  • Arthur Milne (footballer) (1915–1997), Scottish association football player, played for Dundee United, Hibs and St. Mirren
  • Athol Milne, former Australian rules footballer who played with University
  • Billy Milne, Scottish footballer who played for Arsenal
  • Brian Milne (born 1973), former American football fullback in the National Football League
  • Callum Milne (born 1965), Scottish former footballer who played as a right back
  • Cordy Milne (1914–1937), American motorcycle speedway rider
  • David Milne (rugby league), Australian Rugby League player
  • David Milne (rugby union), former Scottish international rugby union player
  • Elizabeth Milne (born 1990), New Zealand football player who represented her country
  • Fiona Milne, Canadian rower
  • Gordon Milne (born 1937), English former footballer and football manager
  • Herbert Milne (born 1884), Australian rules footballer
  • Iain Milne (born 1958), former Scotland rugby union footballer
  • Jack Milne (1907–1995), international speedway rider
  • Jimmy Milne (football), Scotland player and manager
  • Kenny Milne (rugby union) (born 1961), former Scotland rugby union player who was capped 39 times
  • Kenny Milne (footballer) (born 1979), Scottish professional footballer playing for Scunthorpe United
  • Lachie Milne (born 1978), Australian slalom canoer who has competed since the mid 2000s
  • Leslie Milne (field hockey) (born 1956), former field hockey player from the United States
  • Malcolm Milne (born 1948), former Australian Olympic skier
  • Pete Milne, former Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Ralph Milne, Scottish footballer who played for Dundee United and Manchester United
  • Ray Milne, former Scottish–U.S. soccer defender
  • Riley Milne, Australian rules footballer currently playing for the Hawthorn Hawks
  • Robert Milne (footballer), Scottish-born footballer who played for Ireland
  • Ross Milne, Australian Olympic downhill skier
  • Shawn Milne (born 1981), American road bicycle racer
  • Stephen Milne, Australian rules footballer
  • Steven Milne (footballer) (born 1980), Scottish footballer
  • Vic Milne (1897–1971), footballer who played Aston Villa
  • Wilfred Milne (born 1899), English former professional footballer
  • William Milne (sport shooter) (born 1852), British sport shooter who competed in the Olympic Games

In other fields:

  • Alasdair Milne, former Director-General of the BBC
  • Alex Milne, a comic book artist
  • Alexander Milne, British civil servant
  • Alexander Milne, entrepreneur
  • Andy Milne, Canadian jazz pianist and composer now based in New York
  • Anna-Louise Milne, specialist of Twentieth Century Parisian History and Culture
  • Bruce Milne (born 1957), Australian music entrepreneur closely linked to the Melbourne post-punk scene
  • Christopher Milne (born 1950), Australian actor and award winning writer
  • Dan Milne, British actor/director who is possibly best known for his role in EastEnders
  • David Brown Milne (1882–1953), artist
  • David Milne (artist) (1882–1953), Canadian painter
  • Ethel Marian Milne, mother of singing legend Judy Garland
  • Glenn Milne, a News Ltd journalist and vice-president of the National Press Club of Australia
  • Hamish Milne, a British pianist and a professor of Music
  • Lawrence Arabia, real name James Milne, solo artist and bassist for Okkervil River
  • James Lees-Milne (1908–1997), English writer and expert on country houses
  • Jennifer Keeler-Milne (born 1961), Australian contemporary artist
  • Jimmy Milne (trade unionist), STUC General Secretary
  • John Alden Milne, filmmaker
  • John Milne (journalist), retired BBC Scotland presenter
  • Joshua Milne (1776–1851), English actuary
  • Kevin Milne (born 1949), New Zealand television presenter
  • Leslie Milne (anthropologist) (1860–1932), English lady who traveled extensively and wrote about the ethnic peoples of the Shan State in Northern Burma
  • Paula Milne, British screenwriter who has been active since the 1970s
  • Robert Lyon (Australian settler), advocate of Australian Aboriginal rights (born Robert Milne)
  • Robert Milne (telecommunications consultant), see Inmos
  • Ronald Milne (born 1957), British librarian and administrator
  • Seumas Milne (born 1958), British journalist and writer
  • Stewart Milne (born 1950), successful businessman from Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • Tom Milne (1926–2005), British film critic
  • Walter Milne (died 1558), the last Protestant martyr to be burned in Scotland
  • William Milne (missionary) (1782–1834), British Protestant missionary to China
  • William J. Milne (educator) (1843–1914), American educator

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