Gemini (Chinese band)

Gemini (Chinese band)

Infobox musical artist
Name = Gemini
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Beijing, China
Genre = Pop Alternative rock Electronic
Label = Zhushu
Years_active = 2006-Present
Website = []
Current_members = Gabryl (小文) Suna (苏娜)

Gemini (Chinese 简迷离 Pinyin: Jiànmílí) is a Chinese rock band that consists of French composer, guitarist, and vocalist Gabryl (小文) and Chinese song writer, pianist, and lead vocalist Suna (苏娜). They are also the first French-Chinese rock band in China.


While Suna was in France, Gabryl and Suna met on the online dating website Meetic in 2004. From there they decided to make music together and are now currently residing in Beijing, China. Their debut album "Personal Life" came out in 2006 and was well received. They are signed under the record label [ Zhu Shu Entertainment] in China.


Gemini's style is mainly that of the rock music genre, however it has other aspects that distinguishes itself from that of other artists such as the use of electronic music and a dual vocalist set-up. Their songs have exhibited Mandarin Chinese, English and French. They also have some pop and hip-hop influences in their music as well.


* Personal Life (私人生活) (2006)(China Version) Track List: 1. 私人生活 (Personal Life) 2. 达芬奇密码 (Code) 3. 盒中困兽 (Sealed Beast) 4. 一起飞翔 (Time Machine) 5. 7色花 (Comes from Bad Live) 6. 沙城 (City of Sand) 7. 结冰的女孩儿 (Girl in Ice) 8. 星尘 (Star Dust) 9. 最后的倒计时 (The Final Countdown) 10. 玩儿 (Let's Play)

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